Planned Parenthood in Illinois shuts down due to lack of demand

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As of September 1, Planned Parenthood’s facility in Effingham, Illinois, has closed its doors for good.

According to the Effingham Daily News, a note posted on the facility’s back door redirects visitors to Planned Parenthood’s facility in Champaign – 79 miles away by car, according to Google Maps.

Linda Shapiro, Planned Parenthood of Illinois’ Interim Chief Executive Officer, confirmed the closure. “Demand in Effingham has continued to drop,” said Shapiro. Planned Parenthood plans to redirect its resources to the Champaign facility.

Rob McKerrow, a pro-life activist, sees the closure as a victory. McKerrow says he was part of a small group that would gather outside the Effingham Planned Parenthood each Tuesday – the only day of the week the facility was open recently. The group stood for helping pregnant women choose alternatives to abortion.

“All they’re doing is advising about abortion and passing out pills,” he explained. “The whole idea is that you can get rid of a child, and that’s murder.”

“I guess we finally wore them down,” continued McKerrow. “Yesterday we learned they were packing up at closing time.”

Planned Parenthood’s latest closure continues a nationwide downward trend for the abortion business.

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