Planned Parenthood faces questions following series of scandals

Planned Parenthood is America’s largest abortion provider, ending over 300 thousand lives every year. Most abortions are done early on and involve vacuum aspiration (i.e., sucking a human being down a tube), but that stops being practical around the end of the first trimester. By then, a fetus has to be pulled apart piece-by-piece with a set of forceps. While this is a gruesome image, it becomes even more troubling when you consider the findings of Dr. Kawaljeet Anand at the University of Tennessee. His research suggests that an unborn child is capable of suffering pain after just 20 weeks.

Of course, you might not be troubled by these facts at all. Or, you might see them as regrettable but necessary in order to preserve “choice.” And indeed, Planned Parenthood has a long history of offering choice… to abusers.

Sex predators thrive on secrecy–it’s how they stay out of jail. That’s why it’s a real problem when their victims become noticeably pregnant. After all, the sight of a 13 year-old with a baby-bump tends to raise questions, questions can lead to answers, and answers often lead to an indictment.

This makes abortion an attractive option for abusers; John Blanks, Jr. brought his daughter to Planned Parenthood for one after he impregnated her. Timothy Smith and Gary Cross took the same route with their step daughters. Rapist Adam Gault was also aided by Planned Parenthood’s no-questions-asked approach. Denise Richards asserted in her lawsuit that Planned Parenthood staff refused to help her when she revealed that her pregnancy was the result of incest. They did, however, abort her child and return the teen to her abusive father.

Abortion isn’t just a good way to avoid a rape charge, it can get you out of having to pay child support, too. That gives controlling men an incentive to demand abortion, and many are willing to use violence when their partners refuse; guns, knives, fists, pipe bombs, and gasoline have all been used to kill reluctant victims. Former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson has asserted that many of the group’s abortion clients only show up due to coercion, something that its polices fail to address. As a result, Johnson and six other ex-employees have publicly offered to assist in any Congressional investigation of Planned Parenthood.

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