Planned Parenthood commits one abortion every 97 seconds

Planned Parenthood commits one abortion every 97 seconds

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According to Planned Parenthood’s last annual report, they committed 323,999 abortions from 2014-15. With almost 887 abortions a day, this means that Planned Parenthood does one abortion every 97 seconds.

With abortion being such a large part of Planned Parenthood’s business model — far from the claimed and debunked “3 percent of services” they tout — it’s worth wondering why the abortion giant shies away from such a focus. Even their CEO and president Cecile Richards played dumb about Planned Parenthood’s ever-increasing abortion numbers during her testimony before Congress in September 2015.

Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino has documented what happens during abortion procedures, including those Planned Parenthood performs. Each and every abortion is horrific; there’s nothing pleasant about any of the procedures discussed and illustrated in the videos below:

It has been documented that Planned Parenthood is more than willing to perform abortions for any and all reasons —in some instances, regardless of what the law in that state says. They’ve also yet to meet a law regulating or restricting abortion they didn’t like. In fact, one of Planned Parenthood’s goals is to commit more (and later) late-term abortions.

Some of the latest undercover footage from Planned Parenthood shows staff of the abortion giant suggesting modified and late-term abortions, including illegal partial-birth abortions, which are performed in order to maximize profit for those interested in harvesting body parts from later-term aborted babies.

But Planned Parenthood has always whitewashed their own nefarious history, including and beyond the perpetual ignorance Richards displayed last September before Congress. During her testimony, Richards finally acknowledged that her organization is not authorized to perform mammograms, yet lied when she claimed they never said they performed them. Planned Parenthood and surrogates have been documented repeatedly claiming that women rely on them for such services and that defunding the organization means women wouldn’t be able to get mammograms or other kinds of health care.

Indeed, that is the cry we often hear, that those who want to defund the abortion giant are really defunding women’s health care. As it turns out, though, while Planned Parenthood focuses on abortion, their legitimate health care services and contraceptive services have significantly dropped, while their taxpayer funding has increased. Reports show this has been a calculated trend for some time. And, despite being touted as a major health care provider, Planned Parenthood has over the years seen a decrease in the amount of clients who utilize their ‘services.’

Sadly, women who try to turn to Planned Parenthood for services other than abortion are often turned away. These aren’t just anecdotes. The statistics for pregnant women who visit Planned Parenthood are dismal — according to their own annual reports, out of 9,455,582 annual services, only 2,024 (.02%) of those were adoption referrals and 17,419 (less than .2%) were for prenatal care.

The facts and figures are not on the side of Planned Parenthood supporters (even at the highest levels of government) who claim Planned Parenthood is about women’s health and not abortion. Instead, the facts and figures show proof that Planned Parenthood is all about abortion, whether it’s admitted or not.

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