Planned Parenthood celebrates Christmas with a picture of a birth control snowflake

There is seemingly no holiday that the abortion industry will not exploit to promote their anti-life agenda, and Planned Parenthood usually leads this charge. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, you name it – they’ll force themselves into it. So why should Christmas be any different?

In their typical oh-so-classy fashion, Planned Parenthood tweeted out a picture wishing their followers happy holidays with a birth control snowflake, just in time for Christmas.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with access to contraceptives, provided that people aren’t being forced to violate their religious beliefs by paying for it. But is Christmas really the time to be pushing birth control?

Could Planned Parenthood possibly have featured, say, a family right before Christmas? After all, Planned Parenthood’s spokespeople repeatedly claim that they want to help people plan families. They claim they provide prenatal care for women that need it (yeah, right). So considering that Christmas is a holiday that is entirely about celebrating life, could Planned Parenthood possibly have considered giving it a rest?

The Christmas story is that of Joseph, Mary and Jesus. Mary was a teenager when she became pregnant by the Holy Spirit; Joseph and Mary were not yet married, but they were grappling with the most surprising pregnancy of all time, and yet the baby that came from those unexpected circumstances brought peace, joy, and salvation to the entire world.

Planned Parenthood looks at that holiday, at that story, and wants to encourage women to make sure they don’t have any babies. Quite a lot of their patients could likely identify with Mary, actually, being young and unmarried and in the difficult circumstance of having to face an unplanned pregnancy. We all know what Planned Parenthood would tell those women, though, no matter what time of year it is. It may be Christmastime, and the entire world may be celebrating that life came into the world. But Planned Parenthood will steadfastly continue to work toward preventing new lives, even exploiting a holiday with a meaning that is the exact opposite of their mission. It’s enough to make a person feel sick.

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