Taxpayers forced to fund new abortion complex for Planned Parenthood in New York City

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Last week, America’s abortion giant broke ground on a new abortion complex in New York City. Though The New York Times refers to the complex as a “$9 million health center,” Planned Parenthood’s complexes throughout the nation are really abortion assembly lines.

One woman in. Get her done. Another woman in. Get her done. All day long. Erect fences around the property, like a jail. Keep the women in. Have them come back. Make them “need” Planned Parenthood for everything.

The Times reports:

About 5,400 of the organization’s [Planned Parenthood of New York City] 50,000 patients live in Queens, said Joan Malin, the group’s chief executive, and the new center is expected to eventually handle 17,500 each year.

The plan is to entrap over 12,000 additional women every year and subject them to Planned Parenthood’s corruption, forced abortion mindset, and objectification of women. The Onion’s satire piece on Planned Parenthood’s “abortionplexes” isn’t all that off.

Not only this, but the specific plan is to entrap poor women, many of whom are minorities.

As The Times reports:

While there are other women’s health centers in Queens that offer abortions, the absence of a Planned Parenthood was “something that had to be corrected,” Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, Democrat of Queens, said.

“We know that we have a significant population in Queens that are uninsured or underinsured,” Mr. Van Bramer said. “And we need quality health care that is tailored to their needs.”

Hmmm…the kind of “quality health care” that agrees to accept donations to specifically abort black babies?

The kind of “quality health care” that ignores science, real facts (see video), and accurate information and misleads women?

As I wrote in a previous article about Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains:

Science doesn’t matter, apparently. Facts and truth don’t matter. Every woman, according to this Planned Parenthood president, can decide for herself when life begins – even though there are hardcore facts surrounding this issue. And even though a determination that life begins at, say, 6 months after birth is dangerous and unquestionably false. Such a statement supports infanticide and the killing of children at any age, based simply on the whim and decision of their mother.

Live Action investigated multiple Planned Parenthood clinics to determine if women were being given accurate information.

A series of hidden camera videos shot in clinics across the United States reveals the exploitative tactics abortionists and clinicians employ to conceal the truth about abortion from women who most need honest and accurate information. Leading embryologists have denounced Planned Parenthood’s conduct caught on tape as “erroneous and scientifically absurd.”

The American Medical Association’s Code of Medical Ethics states that “The physician’s obligation is to present the medical facts accurately to the patient.” Anything less demands the immediate revocation of medical license and full prosecution under the “informed consent” statutes that exist in nearly every state.

Tonya Reaves - does her life matter, Planned Parenthood?

Tonya Reaves – does her life matter, Planned Parenthood?

This “quality health care” provider refuses, time and again, to accurately inform women of the possibility that they themselves might be injured or die during an abortion. Even though Planned Parenthood’s unsafe practices and lack of care were responsible for the death of Tonya Reaves and multiple other life-threatening injuries to women, the abortion giant still tells women that it is a safe place to go:

Live Action investigators called Planned Parenthood abortion clinics with recent cases of medical emergencies and botched abortions in 7 different states asking if Planned Parenthood’s abortion practice was safe and if women had ever been hurt at the clinics. Not a single Planned Parenthood abortion clinic acknowledged the recent injuries of women.

New York City already aborts more black children than are born. A report, made by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Office of Vital Statistics, and called, Summary of Vital Statistics 2012 The City of New York, Pregnancy Outcomes, found that black babies added up to 42.4% of the total abortions in New York City, with 31,328 being aborted compared to 24,758 being born.

A photo from one of Planned Parenthood's abortion complexes.

A photo taken at one of Planned Parenthood’s abortion complexes.

Nonetheless, the City Council has given $737,000, $250,000 is coming from the state of New York, and another $121,000 has been donated by the Queens borough president.

So, not only is this health care disaster (that specifically targets poor women and minorities) coming to Queens, but it’s also being funded by the taxpayers. Did they get to vote? Nope.

This amounts to little more than taxpayer funded racism, approved, discrimination, and targeted mass killing.

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