Planned Parenthood-associated pathology lab cited for the sixth time

Pathology Services, Inc., a laboratory that contracts with Planned Parenthood St. Louis in Missouri, is under fire for failing to register with the state by the deadline for the sixth time since 1994.

In addition, state inspectors found the lab was failing to send copies of its pathology reports to the state. Dr. James Miller, PSI’s owner, shifted the blame to Planned Parenthood, claiming they sent the abortion affiliate two copies of each and though they would pass the second along.

Campaign Life Missouri president Sam Lane said the news “calls into question whether [the lab] really sees what type of tissues they’re getting from Planned Parenthood,” and questioned Planned Parenthood’s commitment to the health and safety of its patients, noting they “should be concerned that they get [a pathology lab] that’s capable and competent, and it’s clear Pathology Services is not.”

Registration failures have led to state-ordered dissolution of Pathology Services at least three times in the past, including 2014, when it continued operations before clearing re-registration with the authorities.

In addition, Pathology Services recently saw its incorporated status revoked in Illinois and its Iowa certificate of authority revoked in 2012 and 2014, all for failing to meet paperwork filing deadlines.

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