Planned Parenthood’s “What Women Want In 4 Words” Twitter campaign backfires

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Planned Parenthood and it’s president and CEO Cecile Richards just haven’t been having much luck on Twitter recently. Richards has been tweeting a series of “facts” in an effort to drum up support for Planned Parenthood, but that’s been a bit counterproductive.

One stunt they’ve attempted in order to improve their public relations was a recent tweet urging people to describe what women want in four words, and they started it out by saying “no politicians in healthcare.”

Although there were several responses affirming the tweet at the top of the Twitter replies, most people saw the irony of the tweet and started calling Planned Parenthood out for it. There’s this:

And this:

One individual pointed out that no politicians in healthcare would mean that Planned Parenthood stopped receiving federal taxpayer dollars:

Another points out that Planned Parenthood is responsible for killing 900 babies per day. That’s nothing short of infanticide.

This one makes a good point. Planned Parenthood robs a mother and child of love.

Another individual shows how Planned Parenthood in an older tweet was using the hashtag #WhatWomenWantIn4Words and said “Funding for Planned Parenthood.”

You really cannot make this stuff up. Planned Parenthood can’t have it both ways.

I guess Planned Parenthood doesn’t consider itself to be healthcare, or it just admitted that it shouldn’t be receiving federal taxpayer dollars to the tune of $550 million a year.

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