Court stops Planned Parenthood from doing surgical abortions by Disney World

Last May, Planned Parenthood of Greater Florida purchased an 8,800 square feet property to conduct their abortion business in Kissimmee, Florida.

In September, reported that Planned Parenthood got approval from an appeals court to perform abortions.

The initial court battle occurred because deed restrictions did not allow surgeries to be performed without the permission of other owners. Furthermore, zoning regulations for the building did not apply to surgery.

The building owners did not want Planned Parenthood performing surgical abortions there, but unsurprisingly, Planned Parenthood fought to get around the law.

Fortunately, this is not the end of the story. Planned Parenthood’s deception finally caught up with the organization. Since a Florida Court of Appeals ruled against the abortion facility, the original injunction is allowed to take effect. Unfortunately, this decision has no impact on medication abortions at this location, but the outcome of the ruling is still worth celebrating.

The case decision is a victory for life, as well as for the 70 doctors who promoted a full page letter in the Osceola News Gazette against the facility.

It is not just the location of this abortion facility that certainly adds to the disgust, and that’s not why abortionists were stopped from performing surgical abortions. The Florida Court of Appeals saw that Planned Parenthood was ignoring the laws of the land.

Planned Parenthood not only kills preborn babies, but it purposefully cut corners, misled, and deceived. This is hardly shocking. At Planned Parenthood, abortion comes first, the law, second.

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