‘Pieces of my child had been left inside of me’: Women tell of physical complications after abortion

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In the film “Life After Abortion,” post-abortive women tell their stories. Many of the women testified about suffering physical complications after their abortions, which is something that is not discussed by mainstream media. Only pro-life media tends to report on abortion complications and injuries — and the stark truth is that only 28 states even require abortion complications to be reported. One woman wrote of her frightening experience:

I started cramping very hard. I was hemorrhaging. I had a fever. I was getting delirious. And my dad, being a pharmacist, went to his store and got me more drugs. I pretty much spent that weekend recovering from the infection… I remember a lot of pain, a lot of crying, and a lot of hurt and confusion.

Another woman suffered complications and called the abortion facility, only to be told, “You’re not our problem anymore.” Too embarrassed to call her own doctor, she silently endured the horrible cramps and heavy bleeding.

Another woman discussed how she hemorrhaged:

The bleeding continued, and it was so bad that one day when I was at work and I stood up from my desk, blood was running down my legs and into my sandals.

I drove home to tell my parents that I needed to go to the hospital, and as I knocked on the door and waited for my mom to come to the door, she opened the door, and she proceeded to see blood all over me and her first reaction was of sheer terror. She thought someone had shot me. She and my father took me to the hospital.

This woman needed blood transfusions and emergency surgery. She says:

Pieces of my child had actually been left inside of me. I had developed an infection which led to the bleeding. And then my doctor proceeded to tell me that I could have died from the infection, I could have bled to death, or he might’ve even had to perform a hysterectomy, which I could’ve never had children.

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Another woman had a horrific experience — she saw the body of her child:

Two days after the abortion I was sitting at the place where I lived… and started cramping severely. And so, I went into the bathroom… to wet myself, and it felt as though I had passed something. And when I looked down, in my hand was my baby.

And I remember seeing the hands and the feet, and that the skin was translucent. And tiny – tiny little thing. And where the eyes were forming. And I was so horrified that I dropped the baby and flushed the toilet because I couldn’t imagine that that’s what I had just seen. And I ran to the phone to call the abortion facility to tell them what had happened. And all they had to say to me was, “Well, that’s too bad.” And then they hung up on me.

This woman suffered extreme emotional trauma.

Another woman got married years after her abortion. She and her husband wanted children, but she was unable to conceive. She was told she was infertile because her abortion caused scar tissue to form in her uterus. She said, “I ended up having 12 surgeries – laparoscopies, D&Cs, fertility drugs – I had about four to five miscarriages. All due to the choice I had made two years to three years prior to that.”

So, in this case, five or six babies died due to one abortion.

A woman who had three abortions also later struggled with infertility. She said:

I went to the doctors and had a laparoscopy and a dye test. They showed me on the screen where my tubes were blocked. That was from the suction of the machine because of the abortions. One of my tubes was 90% blocked, the other one was 100% blocked.

I lay on the table and started thinking, how am I going to tell my husband that I’m not going to be able to have children with him? It was the reality of knowing that the only three children I would ever bear, I killed.

Her abortions had lifelong consequences.

A third woman also became infertile. “The doctor told me that because of all of that scarring in my uterus from the abortions, that I had been left infertile, and that most likely I would not become pregnant again,” she said.

Freda Bush, MD, an OB/GYN in Jackson, Mississippi, reflected on some of the post-abortive women she has seen in her 20 years of practice:

[O]ne of the greatest tragedies I have seen has been the tragedy of many women returning for an evaluation of infertility. They’re now 30 years of age. They’re married, and they’ve been trying unsuccessfully to achieve pregnancy.

There is not enough tissue in my office to handle the tears of the women when they realize that they may have killed the only baby that they will have. The regret, the remorse, is significant. I may be the only person that they have ever told they had an abortion. Their husbands are not even aware of their past.

The physical complications of abortion, whether immediate or delayed, can be tragic.

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