Patricia Heaton tweets about Gosnell trial; where’s the rest of the media?

You can lead the media to a crucially important story, but you can’t make them cover it.

The horrific excesses of the abortion industry exemplified by Gosnell and Planned Parenthood are major, national news stories any way you look at them.
But the pro-abortion liberal media are determined to hide them from the public.

In this statement, signed by multiple conservative figures and organizations, the picture of how the media has responded to the horrific Gosnell murder trial – and Gosnell’s abortion legacy – is accurately illustrated. The trial comprises all of the typical sensational elements that would make it prime fodder for media outlets worldwide, except for this one detail: it casts a gloomy cloud over the idea of abortion being a good thing that media outlets have sold their souls to protect.

Police closing Gosnell's clinic

Police closing Gosnell’s clinic

When the media want to sell a story, they often fictionalize or embellish until they have the type of sensational and shocking details that are so real and sobering in the Gosnell trial. These true-to-life details can be found just by reading the Grand Jury report. No imagination would be needed to come up with gory details to keep the public coming back for more.

The Gosnell story is a real-life nightmare. If it were a movie, it would be doing better than the shockingly gruesome horror remake Evil Dead. Because, unlike the fantastical movie, Gosnell’s house of horrors was real. The blood-curdling practices of Gosnell’s clinic have been recounted across the Internet (via, of course, almost exclusively pro-life, conservative outlets): clinic workers played with the babies who were unsuccessfully aborted before subsequently snipping their spinal chords at the bases of their necks; blood and body parts were left to rot in procedure and recovery rooms; women were left drugged and unattended after their abortions…the list goes on.

Over a dozen infants (perhaps over a hundred) and at least one woman died from Gosnell’s butchery. Local authorities turned a blind eye to his abuses more than once. The utter sensationalism of the abuses would warrant a swarm of attention from media everywhere if Gosnell were any other kind of physician. But because he is an abortionist, the protection-via-silence that he receives from media and abortion supporters everywhere has made him immune to the scrutiny that he would otherwise receive.   

If Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby were honestly concerned with medical integrity (innumerable examples evidence that this is not the case), one would think they would be all over Gosnell, calling him out for shoddy work and malpractice. The reality is that Dr. Kermit Gosnell is remarkably horrible at his profession. His skill at abortions is roughly equivalent to a first-grader’s skill at flying a commercial aircraft. If medical integrity mattered at all to the abortion side of the medical community (or any cohort of medical professionals, for that matter), the Gosnell trial would be made into a lesson preached far and wide, with abortionists and their supporters saying, “This is unacceptable!”

But the only response we can hear from the medical community is chirping crickets.

Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton

The good news is that there is one valiant celebrity out there who has not flinched in the face of an overall brutal silence from her compatriots in the media: Patricia Heaton (Debra Barone, of Everybody Loves Raymond fame, and currently playing Frankie on the hilarious sitcom The Middle). A longtime outspoken voice on behalf of the unborn, Heaton has a history of braving the largely uncharted waters of celebrity support for the pro-life cause. She has served as a spokesperson for Feminists for Life and never seems to withhold her opinion on life issues. And her views are [gasp!] logic-based!

Where are we going to demarcate ‘life starts here’? If you do it anywhere other than conception, you just get into a huge amount of trouble and it doesn’t make any sense logically. So I think there’s a very reasoned way to be pro-life.

Heaton has been caught tweeting very convicting messages regarding the Gosnell trial, alerting her followers (just 130 thousand of them, no big deal) to the developments in the Gosnell trial and asking pointed questions – like where the rest of the media is when it comes to reporting on him. Here’s a sampling: 

At Live Action, we hope that the rest of the media follows Patricia Heaton’s example and starts to demonstrate more integrity in their reporting. They can start by covering Gosnell’s murder trial.

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