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Woman’s mission for parental rights advocacy leads her to the pro-life movement


Terry Beatley’s foray into the pro-life movement began as a fierce parental rights advocate after learning about how organizations like National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and Planned Parenthood were behind pro-abortion and anti-parental rights bills.

For three years, Beatley served as a volunteer with, tasked with educating her rural Virginia community about the impending evisceration of parental rights amid concerns the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Treaty was gaining momentum in the US Senate.

Beatley told Live Action News, “This treaty would have provided an even more permanent and drastic loss of parental rights in the USA if ratified. Thankfully, it was not. Around this time, I began to research the history of the abortion/contraception movement and got introduced to the movie Maafa 21 about Black genocide in the 21st century. The movie powerfully highlighted the racist roots of Planned Parenthood.”

Seeing the movie was the catalyst for Beatley to contact a local Black minister whom she had been trying to connect with for months.

“I called him and asked for a three-hour appointment so I could show him the movie,” Beatley said. “He agreed to my request, and we watched the movie together.”

Afterward, Beatley asked his thoughts about the movie.

Beatley said, “He leaned forward, shook his finger at me, and declared, ‘I will never again vote for a pro-abortion candidate. Abortion is annihilating my race and it is wrong.’ This showed the importance of informing Black Americans about Planned Parenthood.”

In June 2009, during the two nights of the Love of Life Conference at the pastor’s church, Maafa was shown to the attendees and the response was overwhelming.

“You can’t watch this movie and not see that the message of life crossed a racial and spiritual divide,” Beatley said.

Collaborating with a former abortionist to spread the pro-life message

During a prayer vigil at her church in November 2009, Beatley fervently appealed to the Lord for direction about the step in her mission of uniting people for life.

It was then Beatley clearly heard the Lord tell her to interview Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the co-founder of NARAL. Dubbed “the Abortion King” Nathanson was instrumental in training Planned Parenthood doctors on abortion procedures. During his career as an obstetrician, he oversaw 75,000 abortions but later resigned from NARAL, converted from atheism to Catholicism, and became known as an ardent anti-abortion activist.

Beatley said, “I wondered why would he ever consent to an interview with me. But I knew I had to try.”

She contacted an attorney at a pro-life organization to obtain the doctor’s phone number. She was told that Nathanson’s wife would try to arrange an interview.

“To my surprise, Dr. Nathanson agreed to meet with me, so I traveled to New York to sit with him for an hour,” Beatley said.

Inside Nathanson’s Manhattan apartment, Beatley was surprised to discover how small, dark, and outdated his residence was. She was greeted by a feeble and diminutive Nathanson who, at 80 years old, was battling cancer and nearing the end of his life. He told Beatley she had intrigued him by her passion for life and mentioned he was pleased to notice that pastors were awakening to the biblical truth about abortion. He informed her she could ask him anything during the interview; he wanted to be totally transparent.

Beatley said, “I felt empathy for him, leaving behind a legacy of death. For most of his life, he was the medical face of the abortion movement, a man who celebrated when Roe became federal law. Later, when he realized what he had done, he dabbled in drugs to numb his shame and even contemplated suicide.”

Nathanson revealed to Beatley that it was the science of ultrasound technology that was behind his conversion to pro-life, not his faith. Seeing raw images of human beings alive in the womb profoundly changed Nathanson’s view about abortion.

“Science led him to the truth, and he wanted to share that truth with the rest of the world,” Beatley said. “That abortion is not love, it’s the killing of another human being. He was insistent that we should all be collaborating to stop the murder of innocent babies.”

Meeting Beatley provided Nathanson with an opportunity to expose the eight-point strategies of how he cunningly crafted propaganda to transform America into a pro-abortion nation. With Beatley’s help, he could re-write his legacy by teaching pro-life activists how to promote a culture of life using those same strategies.

Beatley said, “I was a busy mom at the time I met with Dr. Nathanson but promised him I’d get his message into the hands of every pro-life activist. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that, but I trusted God would lead me.”

Launching the pro-education Hosea Initiative

Beatley was briefly sidelined when she became involved in defeating a pro-abortion, anti-parental rights senator in Virginia by educating his constituents on his voting record. Her efforts were successful; Beatley realized the influence of education in affecting change, leading her to launch the Hosea Initiative with a charter of “Bringing Healing Truth to a World Broken by Abortion” through the compelling testimony of Dr. Nathanson’s pro-life conversion.

“Hosea Initiative is 90% focused on fulfilling the promise I made to Dr. Nathanson,” Beatley said. “His story has put the nail in the coffin of the pro-abortion industry.”

In 2016, Beatley wrote, “What if We’ve Been Wrong?” and has also published a corresponding “Fact Sheet” booklet that “teaches the eight-point strategy of how Dr. Nathanson betrayed our country with the lie that abortion is healthcare and how radical feminism has its roots in Marxism/Communism,” both of which are available on the Hosea website.

Beatley said, “This booklet is a must-read for every pro-life leader and activist. The information comes straight from the Abortion King himself. It was his mandate that I impart this message to the pro-life community, and I continued to fulfill that promise through the God-inspired Hosea Initiative.”

In addition to Beatley’s books, Hosea Initiative has designed “With Child” maternity wear to counteract the ubiquitous slogan of the pro-abortion industry, “My Body, My Choice.”

“We must see abortion from the victims’ perspective,” Beatley said, “The abortion industry is very aggressive. We must educate our communities on the radicalism of abortion and about its roots in black genocide if we hope to change the culture. It was Dr. Nathanson’s wish that we join to end this travesty.”

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