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NOW protests Lila Rose with message of hate

NOW or the National Organization for Women protested Live Action President Lila Rose’s speech in Indianapolis, Indiana earlier this week with a message of hate. One sign in particular read, “95% of women HATE Lila”. You can see the 16 protesters that assembled below:

National Organization for Women - Hate Message

Who would have ever thought that the National Organization for WOMEN would be protesting with a message about how much they “HATE” a particular woman? Is that really the advocacy for women message that they want to run with? Then again, they lost their credibility as anything more than a pro-abortion organization many years ago.

Here is a picture of Lila from the previous time she spoke in Indiana:

Below is a screen-shot of the Indiana NOW’s web-page asking people to go and protest Lila.

Their reason for protesting? And I quote:

Please view Lila’s website. It will be the impetus you need to attend this pro-choice protest.

We hope you view our website too! The homepage can be found here.

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