No more turning a blind eye – Illinois abortion clinics required to report statutory rape

In order to better protect teenage girls from abuse, Illinois has enacted a law requiring that statutory rape cases be reported immediately by state abortion clinics. Based on our exclusive undercover videos, we know that Planned Parenthood will do anything and everything in its power to cover up suspected statutory rape in order to continue raking in as much profit as possible. And according to LifeNews, Illinois’ new law is a direct response to Live Action’s investigative videos showing just what Planned Parenthood is capable of:

[Rep. David Reis (R-IL)] said the law came in response to undercover investigations showing, in New Jersey and other states, staff at Planned Parenthood abortion centers failing to report to authorities that they arranged abortions for undercover investigators posing at operators of a sex trafficking ring involving minor girls.

The Illinois legislature passed the bill unanimously despite opposition from Planned Parenthood and abortion advocates in Illinois. Planned Parenthood opposed the measure and Planned Parenthood’s website includes [a] statement in a form letter their supporters can send to legislators making it clear they are more concerned about overburdening government than protecting minor girls.

— 2011 (c) Live Action —

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