‘She was having nightmares’: Abortion worker shares photo of late-term aborted baby with pro-lifers

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An abortion facility worker disturbed by how late the facility committed abortions, shared a photo of an alleged aborted baby with a pro-life sidewalk counselor out of concern that the abortion may have been over the legal limit. The photo, seen below,  appears to show an intact aborted child estimated to be approximately 20 weeks or older with cranial damage, being held up over a medical waste receptacle.

While Live Action News cannot independently verify where the photo was taken, the pro-life activist who sent the photo (and whose name is protected for privacy reasons) has been a sidewalk counselor for many, many years. The activist told Live Action News that the photo was taken a handful of years ago, and the abortion worker is no longer employed at the facility.

(WARNING: Photos below are extremely graphic and disturbing.)

“A clinic worker at A Woman’s Choice of Raleigh abortuary gave me this photo,” the pro-lifer told Live Action News. According to the activist, the Raleigh abortion worker had no issue with earlier abortions but said her “conscience was bothering her” when she learned the facility committing abortions later in pregnancy.

The abortion worker was aware that “they were not supposed to be murdering babies past 20 weeks,” according to the activist, and the worker “felt like if it was not legal, she did not want to be participating.”

In addition, the activist said the worker “told me that she was having nightmares. That her conscience was bothering her because she knew that babies — big babies — were being murdered where she was employed. She finally worked up the courage and took this photograph herself… and she wanted ‘us’ to do something about it,” the pro-lifer added.

The baby was named Lorne by pro-lifers, which “means forlorn or forsaken.”

Image of aborted baby allegedly shared by abortion clinic worker

Image of aborted baby allegedly shared by abortion clinic worker

A Woman’s Choice of Raleigh claims on its website to offer “Abortion care up to 19.6 weeks, completed in-office.” The Charlotte location states that it offers “second trimester surgical abortion care up to 20 weeks of pregnancy.”

Tragically, a U.S. Court of Appeals recently struck down the state’s ban on 20-week abortions.

According to the pro-life activist, that facility typically used the D&E abortion procedure for these abortions, however this child appears to have been aborted largely intact. It is therefore unclear whether a D&E was attempted (only for the child to accidentally come out intact) or if an induction abortion was used instead.

An induction abortion typically take place at 25 weeks of pregnancy or later. A description by former abortion doctor Anthony Levatino (below) explains how digoxin is used to cause cardiac arrest, and labor is later induced to deliver a stillborn baby.


A Woman’s Choice history of deficiencies: 

A Woman’s Choice of Raleigh claims, “All of our physicians are Florida and North Carolina State Licensed and Board Certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology with extensive experience in abortion medicine.” But according to the website, the facility has multiple deficiency reports on file with the state, including one as recent as 2019. In 2017, Operation Rescue reported, “This facility had a series of failed inspections from 2013 to 2017. The … [2017] deficiency report indicated a likely incomplete surgical abortion that required a second surgery to complete.”

A Google review left just days ago read, “Horrible experience! The doctor did not administer the Anesthetic correctly and I felt the entire thing. The nurses were telling me don’t scream but they clearly you [sic] could tell I was not sedated. They missed my vein and the medicine just flooded my hand. I did not appreciate that experience. It was a nightmare! Very frustrating. I would not recommend this clinic.”

A Google review left a few months ago claimed that when the client took the abortion pill, the abortion facility told her, “due to Covid-19 we would not comeback to the office for follow-up ultrasounds.” The reviewer then claimed, “I felt like the pill didn’t work (and it didn’t, had a heartbeat and was still growing, which was confirmed by ultrasound).”

“Took another round of the second dose of pills (was not offered the first pill again, which I found odd since that pill causes the growth to stop and it was obviously still growing),” the client wrote. “Second dose didn’t work and am now basically forced to have a surgical because they won’t give out any more pills… We were told that inserting vaginally, it would be 99.9% effective, yet 2 women came into the clinic still pregnant after taking the pills and had to have a surgical abortion, and now I’ll be another. I think the success rate isn’t reported accurately,” the review also states.

Image: Raleigh abortion facility Google reviews Horrible experience and abortion pill did not work accessed 061721

Raleigh abortion facility Google reviews Horrible experience and abortion pill did not work accessed 061721

Reminiscent of the Texas ‘Gosnell’ 

The photo, as horrific as it appears, is reminiscent of other images shared by abortion staff at an abortion center in Houston, Texas. In that case, “Operation Rescue arranged to have Life Dynamics, Inc. produce a video interview… with three informants who came to Operation Rescue… to tell of their horrific experiences working for abortionist Douglas Karpen, at one of three of his Texas abortion clinics, the Aaron Women’s Clinic in Houston,” reported Operation Rescue in 2013.

The gruesome images those workers provided to Operation Rescue (see more here) are very similar and also appear to show later- term intact aborted babies held up over a some type of medical biohazard container or trash barrel.

Images: Aborted baby images to Operation Rescue from staff at Houston abortion facility operated by Douglas Karpen

Aborted baby images to Operation Rescue from staff at Houston abortion facility operated by Douglas Karpen

Karpen has been dubbed the ‘Texas Gosnell’ as a result of witness’s testimony and those photos.

Developing a relationship with clinic workers

The pro-life activist who received the photo told Live Action News, “If you stay outside abortion mills year after year, certain workers will sometimes begin to trust you as they see your intentions for the women, the babies and the workers are good.”

This particular clinic worker, the activist said, had become friendly with sidewalk counselors and eventually reached out one day after leaving the facility as pro-lifers were walking toward their parked cars. At that point, the worker showed the pro-lifers the photo and later met with pro-lifers in person.

“This particular clinic worker said, ‘really big babies are being aborted and I know its against the law’,” the pro-life activist claimed. “She had seen it many times before – so she took a photograph of little Lorne. She was told by the physician, ‘hey, we do the ultrasounds but it’s not an exact science,'” meaning this child’s gestational age had obviously been determined incorrectly.

This fall, the U.S. Supreme Court will take up a Mississippi law prohibiting abortions at 15 weeks due in part to the gruesome D&E dismemberment abortion procedure used and due to increased risks for women.

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