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New York Times takes 16 days to correct false reporting on unedited Planned Parenthood videos

deborahnucatolaz-e1437510387131More than two weeks after the fact, the New York Times has corrected a significant inaccuracy in its reporting on the Planned Parenthood fetal organ harvesting scandal, Twitchy reports.

On July 20, the prestigious newspaper reported that the Center for Medical Progress, the pro-life organization behind the undercover videos bringing these practices to light, did not release full, unedited footage video footage until “after Planned Parenthood complained of selective, misleading editing.”

On August 5, they issued a correction that, “While the full-length video of more than two hours took longer to download than the nearly nine-minute edited footage, the full video was in fact posted at the same time as the edited version.”

“Deceptive editing” has become the most common talking point among Planned Parenthood’s defenders, though examples of alleged deceptive edits are rarely specified (a narrative that is often deployed against Live Action’s undercover videos, as well).

Twitchy notes that “two-hour, 45-minute video takes longer to download than nine-minute video” is hardly a “shock report,” questioning the detail’s relevance as a mitigating factor in the error. And commentator Neal Dewing chastised the Times for “severely muddl[ing]” the “initial days of this ongoing controversy” with its “deficient reporting.”

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