New York abortionist arrested for manslaughter after botched abortion

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Three months after a 30-year-old New York woman bled to death following a botched abortion, Dr. Robert Rho, the abortionist who performed the fatal procedure, has been arrested for manslaughter. Rho is accused of both botching the abortion and failing to adequately care for the patient following the procedure.

New York Daily News reports that during the abortion, Rho allegedly “hit [the patient’s] cervix, damaged her vaginal wall, and opened a cut in an artery that goes through the uterus.”

Following the abortion, the patient lost so much blood in the recovery room that a second operation was needed. After that operation, she was allowed to go home, despite reportedly appearing woozy and collapsing at least one time.

On the ride to her sister’s house following the operations, the patient passed out and was taken to a nearby hospital, where she was given six units of blood, but died that night.

Rho could face up to 15 years imprisonment if convicted of manslaughter. In 2011, Rho faced charges of sexual harassment against a former receptionist, but the charges were rejected by a six-person jury after deliberating for less than a day.

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