New year looks to bring new pro-life legislation

New year looks to bring new pro-life legislation

The March for Life crowd in 2015. This year, President Trump will address the March live.

The past few years have seen a record number of pro-life state laws passed, including tougher regulations on abortion clinics. Other laws recently passed also include waiting periods and restrictions on when and how abortion can take place. More than 50 such laws were passed across the nation in 2015 alone, and it appears the trend may continue in 2016.

After New Year’s Day, state legislatures will soon begin spring sessions, many of which will see abortion related measures introduced. For example, Missouri State Senator David Sater is introducing a bill that would ban abortions sought due solely to the baby having Down syndrome. Sater told reporters he believes babies with Down syndrome “deserve life and shouldn’t be discriminated against.” “Most grow up to be fine citizens and they’re loved and I think it’s inhumane to abort someone just because they’re a little different,” he explained.

North Dakota is the only state to currently have a law banning abortions sought due to genetic abnormalities, including Down syndrome.

A bill pending in Ohio would introduce new regulations on the disposal of fetal tissue following abortions. The proposed measure follows an investigation which found some Planned Parenthood clinics in the state were improperly disposing of fetal remains in landfills. The legislators behind the measure say they want to ensure that fetal remains are treated in a respectful way.

As pro-life legislation continues to increase, 2016 could prove to be a succesful year for the pro-life movement.

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