New Wendy Davis poll shows that women are not slaves to abortion

The abortion lobby glommed on to Wendy Davis as soon as she conducted her now-infamous 11-hour filibuster. Davis was doing everything she could to make sure that late-term abortion became legal, and abortion activists were thrilled. It seemed inevitable that she would run for higher office after that. Pro-abortion groups like Battleground Texas swore that Davis was just the person to turn Texas blue and make it a pro-abortion haven like New York or California. Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, has thrown her weight behind Davis as well, bussing in supporters and funneling money into the Davis campaign.

Unfortunately for Cecile Richards & Co., Davis’ campaign has been a complete and total failure. The latest setback is especially devastating — while Davis has consistently been trailing pro-life candidate Greg Abbott in the polls, she’s now down by double digits… among women. Abbott leads Davis 49/37 with women voters, which is devastating for the abortion lobby.

This isn’t entirely surprising when you consider the terrible campaign Wendy Davis has run. She slammed Greg Abbott on rape, but completely ignores the many times that Planned Parenthood has aided and abetted the rape of minor children — and accepts their money to boot. Most recently, she released a despicable ad attacking Greg Abbott’s disability.

It was her standing in pink sneakers with a catheter inserted, talking about abortion for 11 hours that made her famous. That is what catapulted her onto the national stage. Yet so few people wanted to celebrate the anniversary of her iconic filibuster that she had to give tickets away.

There’s a reason that the Wendy Davis campaign went silent on abortion. Her filibuster endeared her to the pro-abortion extremists, but to regular people? Not so much. Polls shows that most women supported the bill that Davis fought so hard against.

Davis got so angry about women not agreeing with her on abortion that she called them as “too dumb to understand.” She received significant support from pro abortion groups like NARAL, Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, and people outside of Texas. Her campaign should serve as a lesson to the rabid abortion activists who shriek about pro-lifers being “anti-woman”: women are not single-issue voters, and they are not slaves to abortion.

A Gallup poll shows that Americans are evenly split on abortion, with 50% of women identifying as “pro-choice” versus 41% identifying as “pro-life”. Yes, a small majority does approve of abortion. But a large number of American women also identify as pro-life. It is offensive to treat women as a solitary voting block that walks in lockstep on such a contentious issue. The fact that so few women support Wendy Davis, the abortion extremist superstar, says it all.

Not all women support abortion, nor do all women agree with unlimited, taxpayer-funded abortion available through all nine months of pregnancy. It’s time for the abortion lobby to stop exploiting us and pretending they speak on our behalf.

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