New video exposes the truth about third trimester abortions

New video exposes the truth about third trimester abortions

Live Action’s latest video release exposes the extremism of the abortion industry and third trimester abortion procedures, which are performed 25 weeks to term.

While there are some restrictions on abortion at the state level, there is no federal law protecting a preborn child from abortion at any time.

Dr. Anthony Levatino, an obstetrician-gynecologist who performed more than 1,200 abortions during his early years of practice, describes an induction abortion procedure, which is legal moments before birth. At this stage, a baby is often fully developed and considered viable, which means he or she could survive outside the womb.

During these gruesome procedures, the abortionist injects a lethal dose of digoxin into the baby’s heart or head, causing cardiac arrest. Labor is then induced over a period of three to four days, and the woman gives birth to a stillborn child.

While most Americans are increasingly opposed to late-term abortions, the abortion industry and lobby are pushing their extremism on the public.

Contrary to the abortion industry’s claim that late-term abortions are necessary to save the life of the mother, medical experts have confirmed in the Dublin Declaration that abortion is never a required medical procedure. Dr. Levatino describes in the video below why abortion is never medically necessary.

Live Action President Lila Rose released the following statement:

While the abortion industry claims that late-term abortions are an insignificant number of abortions and they’re only done because of a disability the baby has or to protect the life of the mother, the evidence says just the opposite.

The abortion industry denies the science of fetal development and continues to advocate for aborting fully developed, viable children who can feel the pain of the abortionist’s needle that’s used to kill them.  

When Cecile Richards speaks at the Democratic National Convention, America sees Planned Parenthood’s extremist and cruel agenda on display.  Cecile Richards tries to cover up the abortion agenda with euphemisms like ‘women’s health care’ and ‘reproductive rights,’ but Live Action developed this video to strip away the flowery language and force our nation’s leaders — regardless of party — to see the inhumanity and barbarism that Planned Parenthood is really advocating.

The truth about how abortion inflicts horrific violence against both mother and child must be shared. At any stage of human development, these children are entitled to the right to life.

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