New undercover video: The only option pregnant women have at Planned Parenthood is abortion

In addition to touting birth control and a few limited health services, Planned Parenthood purportedly provides options for women who discover they are pregnant. The nation’s abortion corporation continues to insist that abortion constitutes only “three percent” of its services, but as a new Live Action investigation reveals, pregnant women who seek out Planned Parenthood for an option other than abortion are turned away.

Despite the assertions of Planned Parenthood’s President, Cecile Richards, the abortion corporation is not the place for a pregnant woman to explore her options for her pregnancy. Abortion is the only actual option Planned Parenthood provided to women in Live Action’s undercover investigation.

Live Action called or visited Planned Parenthood offices nationwide to ask about adoption options or prenatal care. In Flagstaff, Arizona, the abortion giant flat-out told a woman who was calling for adoption information, “We don’t have that here. This is Planned Parenthood.”

Likewise, the Planned Parenthood in Eugene-Springfield, Oregon, told a caller inquiring of the three options for a pregnancy, “We do abortions here.” She would have to go elsewhere if she wanted to place her baby for adoption or obtain prenatal care to keep her child.

Over in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the caller finds out that despite having an ultrasound machine at Planned Parenthood, it is used “only during a termination.” Planned Parenthood tells her directly, “‘Cause that’s the only service that we do. We don’t do any prenatal care or adoption here.”

In St. Paul, Minnesota, the Planned Parenthood worker seems a bit taken aback by the idea that there are services apart from abortion for pregnant women. And in Corning, New York, the woman is told the range of pregnancy services: “We tell you you’re pregnant and then we offer at Planned Parenthood to do the abortions.”

The closest thing Live Action could find to the provision of an option came from the south Austin, Texas, Planned Parenthood, where the worker told the caller they do “referrals” for adoption, but that’s it. Planned Parenthood then asks her if she wants an appointment for an abortion. She doesn’t, so she’s sent to Google to find other options.

The Planned Parenthood in Dover, Delaware, also sends the caller to Google, after telling her a resounding no to her question of finding adoption help. “You should go online and Google adoption agencies, OK?” a staffer tells the caller curtly.

The Planned Parenthood in Madison, Wisconsin, tells the caller that it doesn’t offer prenatal services or adoption services and “anything that is close to that it–it–would be either a pregnancy test or the abortion services.” The Planned Parenthood worker never explains how abortion is “close to” adoption and prenatal care.

A woman at an in-person visit in Albuquerque is also told that if she is seeking options other than abortion, she would be referred elsewhere. “Sounds like you really don’t need to see us here at Planned Parenthood,” the staffer tells the woman seeking other options.

As Live Action shows again, the only significant reason a woman would “need” Planned Parenthood is for an abortion. The three percent lie is just that. In fact, the abortion corporation does 160 abortions for every one adoption referral, totaling over 320,000 abortions each year, according to its own annual report where it reports killing 328, 348 reborn babies.

Live Action founder and president, Lila Rose, released the following statement:

“Repeatedly, our investigators went to Planned Parenthood asking for pregnancy support, and repeatedly, they were told that they could only get abortions. Prenatal care and adoption referrals are virtually nonexistent while abortion numbers continue to rise, making it clear that Planned Parenthood’s focus – and its push – is abortion. You can’t get those kinds of numbers without constantly promoting abortion.

It’s unconscionable that taxpayers are forced to fund an abortion business. But it’s also alarming that we’re giving over half a billion dollars a year to a business we’re told provides reproductive health care but that refuses to use that money to help women who choose to carry their babies to term. Planned Parenthood’s anti-woman, anti-child agenda make it unworthy of a single dime of taxpayer funding.

Congress shouldn’t wait any longer to put legislation on the president’s desk to redirect funding away from Planned Parenthood to local health centers that actually provide legitimate primary and prenatal care to women and their families.”

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