Mark your calendars: 40 Days for Life begins September 23

Mark your calendars: 40 Days for Life begins September 23


40 Days for Life, the organization behind the global pro-life demonstration of the same name, is announcing that their next campaign will begin in less than two weeks, on Wednesday, September 23.

This fall, the event is confirmed to span 307 cities worldwide, including the first 40 Days for Life demonstration in Columbia and another twenty-two brand-new locations.

“For 40 days and nights, people of faith and conscience will stand in constant, peaceful vigil outside hundreds of Planned Parenthood centers and other abortion facilities … to do the single most important thing we can do in the face of this evil: PRAY,” explained campaign director Shawn Carney.

40 Days for Life’s website offers a page that helps pro-lifers locate campaigns nearest them and sign up for prayer vigil hours. They also provide devotionals to “help maintain focus on the Lord and stay in tune with His guidance” each day.

According to the campaign’s blog, these acts of witness have saved at least 10,331 babies since beginning in 2007, by inspiring mothers at abortion clinics to choose life.

Carney added, “God loves these babies — and their mothers and fathers — more than we ever can, and He will multiply even our simplest prayers and our smallest efforts to make a world-changing impact.”

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