Man who delivers aborted babies to incinerator speaks out

Man who delivers aborted babies to incinerator speaks out

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Pro-choice author Magda Denes interviewed people who worked at an abortion facility and observed abortions for her book In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death In an Abortion Hospital. One of the people she interviewed was a man who delivered the bodies of aborted babies to the incinerator to be burned.  This was the way the facility disposed of its aborted babies. Here is what he said…

In the ones where you could see the babies with the hands and the feet and the heads and everything, and you can tell what sex, a boy or girl. Really sometimes it gets nasty. They are so big sometimes. Some are small and still have hands. It’s just too bad the baby had to go that far and end up here… Seeing what I’ve seen and everything – and I’ve worked around here and seen these dead fetuses. I wouldn’t want to have to come here, or have my girlfriend come here, and have an abortion, and I end up seeing the kid that was almost mine, look where it ended up at.

I have written about Denes and her book before.

Every abortion clinic must come up with a way to dispose of the bodies of aborted babies.  On October 28, 2015, Live Action author Rebecca Downs wrote about the tapes of the National Abortion Federation conference acquired by the Center for Medical Progress, specifically  the panels “Fetal Disposition” and “Fetal Disposition 2.” She gave some examples of things frustrated abortionists said about the difficulty of disposing of the fetal remains. 

Source: Magda Denes In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death in an Abortion Hospital (New York: Basic Books Inc. 1976)  87

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