If you haven’t watched Live Action’s ‘Truth About Sex’ series, these viewer reactions may convince you

In May, Live Action launched a new series to tell the “Truth About Sex,” discussing some history surrounding sexual ethics, countering the lies of both the sexual revolution and purity culture, exposing four big lies about sex, discussing the “magic” of monogamy, uncovering the crisis of fatherlessness, and informing viewers about the harms of contraception.

These videos offer a perspective that many in our culture have never heard — and many viewers have responded to give their thoughts on the video series and the impact it has made on them personally. Some of those comments are shared below their respective videos — and if you haven’t viewed the series yet, these comments might just encourage you to watch:

“The Sexual Revolution of the Roman Empire”


Commenters reacted to this first video of the series, which contained a great deal of history:

“We need more videos like this. A well-articulated apologetic on morality. Many discuss moral epistemology but refuse or are ignorant of moral ontology.”

“Why are we not taught this in history class!?!?! People would have a different outlook at Christians.”

“Proud to support this organization. This is a thoughtful presentation on the historical context for sexual ethics. IMO, it should be a starting point for teaching our children about sexual relationships and the role of Christian ethics in the development of society. Understanding these fundamentals should precede any teaching of the ‘mechanics’ of sex.”

“The West has indeed fallen. However, it can rise again. We can all lift it up together. All is not lost. The message this video promotes is a solution to the horrible mistake that was the American sexual revolution.”


“How You Think About Sex”


Viewers of this video responded in a largely positive way:

“Thank you, Lila, for so eloquently drawing the connection between psychological inadequacies, nurtured and engineered by modern secular ideology, and the rampant promiscuity and licentiousness we see today. Far from being liberating, this permissive attitude in favor of unfettered sexual freedom only leads to victimization and the devaluing of human dignity. People, in this worldview, become relegated to instruments of pleasure for others. Is it any wonder, in such an environment where humans are so debased, that people find it difficult to maintain long lasting relationships?!”

“Excellent content presented with class[,] wisdom[,] and kindness.”

“Thank you for standing up to the lies that the younger generations are told.”

“So insightful. I’ve often thought of asking people, ‘Who told you that?’ Who told you it was okay to do that? Wear that? Watch that? It’s a question I ask myself as I seek to align myself with the truth of God’s Word and not the shifting sands of culture.”

“It took me 30 years to learn this and you just laid it out in a few minutes…”

“… This is helpful to reorient yourself into what is actually real and important.”

“Fight the sexual revolution with the Sexual Renaissance: the rediscovery of old teachings and truths regarding monogamy and virtue.”


“Four Big Lies About Sex”


Viewers of this video responded with great enthusiasm:

“I’m waiting for marriage. This video… just set it in stone[.] Thank you.”

“Truly excellent. I want to share this with everyone I know, to let everyone see the beauty and clarity of God’s vision for us and our nature.”

“It’s great that you also addressed how the issues of purity culture (and its puritanical nature) drives a lot of people the opposite way.”

“Well that was refreshing. Someone in the comments said this should be shown in classrooms. I agree.”

“… I am so grateful for this series as a resource and will certainly be using this with my youth group. Thank you.”

“Imagine the benefit and the lives and the marriages that could be saved if this video was shown in all high schools across America.”

“This video should be mandatory in sex ed. Add that to the public curriculum now.”

“LOVE this!!! Abstinence until marriage isn’t about shaming others, it’s about promoting the healthiest lifestyle. We weren’t meant to sleep around as human beings, and we also aren’t meant to deny our nature that brings about children. This is put so eloquently. Well done!”

“Here is the sex education we really need. More than just ‘how to [put] the parts together.'”

“Well done. This does more than cover lies. This is sex 101.”

“Can we show this in every high school ASAP? WOW. Excellent.”


“The Magic of Monogamy”


In responding to this video, many viewers shared how they have been in long, happy marriages; others expressed a desire for stable marriages in the future:

“I love how this woman is single handedly countering Red Pill poison.”

“This is so cool, because a Swedish man recently published a big study about the effects of marriage, on health, economy, and lots of other things. He came to basically the same result as you. Thank you for your great work!”

“To my fellow young men: Marriage is no shackle, because you choose your wife. The weight of expecting to marry is that you are driven to seek the right woman with all your might, because you know that you can have no one else in the end. In this sense, the ‘burden’ of commitment is just what we need to understand the gravity/sanctity of the bond you share with your wife.”

“I wholeheartedly agree!!! I’ve been married to my best friend for 41 years. We married young, grew up together, struggled through many hard, unhappy times, raised 4 wonderful kids who followed in our footsteps (giving us 12 grandchildren) and we are sooooooo happy and blessed. There’s nothing so satisfying, deep and wonderful than to fight for and achieve a happy marriage and family…”

“Thank you, Lila, for another well thought out and cogently argued presentation on how much our society has gone wayward with regards to our sexual mores. It’s sad that videos like this have to be made, but it is absolutely necessary given how much of society has deviated from monogamous relationships. Our society’s willingness to condone polyamory robs the world of the only institution that most consistently produce[s] healthy, intelligent, well adjusted kids – monogamous marriage. Moreover, such permissive attitudes towards promiscuity ha[ve] also reduced those who participate in polyamorous systems into objects of pleasure, robbing those individuals of their dignity.”


“The Crisis of Fatherlessness”


Many viewers who reacted to this video appeared discouraged by the attitudes they are seeing in society toward fathers and fatherhood in general. Some even feel that the proverbial deck is stacked against men when it comes to divorce and children. It is clear that the wounds often go deep:

“‘Men Matter.’ A lot of men need to hear that, so thank you for the affirmation, and for emphasising the importance of fathers.”

“Some of us good men have been rejected and kicked out (by divorce) when we were at a low point to overcome. Much like George Bailey had a low point in his life to which he was not responding well, and Mary (and his children) chose to stick with him and help him through what was needed to gain victory. Sometimes this learning and growth can take years and it takes a wife who will not give in to fear and stay committed and a husband willing to stay and get the help he needs. Till death do us part…. for better or worse.”

“I know a young woman who chose her unborn child when she knew the biological dad wouldn’t be around. I am so proud of her.”

“Solid truth is spoken in this video! Abortion is anything but empowering, it is destructive on so many levels. Most social problems these days stems from abortion in one way or another.”

“… I’m disgusted by the red pill and manosphere preaching that single mothers have to be avoided at all costs simply because they chose to get pregnant by the wrong men. I, as a single man, care deeply about those children and will adopt them in a heartbeat if I marry their mother.”


“The Harms of Contraception”


Some viewers reacted to this video by stating that they don’t regret using birth control; others expressed tremendous regret and said they experienced some disturbing side effects. Some also discussed how they were led to use natural family planning:

“My husband and I are 30 and have 5 children… We are judged in every corner for our family choices. So sad they don’t know the joy of having their house filled with children and God’s design for families.”

“I took the depo provera shot before my wedding. Huge mistake! I had a three month long period! It also made me feel emotionally like a different person, gloomy and irritable. The one good thing that came from that horrible experience is my husband and I now happily practice nfp [natural family planning]. :)”

“I had a complete mental breakdown being on birth control. The anxiety and issues pair bonding with both my husband and even our own daughter were pervasive and long lasting. I quit the birth control for good last year and immediately we became pregnant with our second baby girl. She just turned 2 weeks old today. I cannot believe I didn’t do this sooner…”

“i trialed birth control when I was engaged preparing for manage and I felt suicidal for the first time in my life. When I went off it the thoughts went away. I have been too scared to go back on and won’t ever again.”

“When I had the hormonal IUD removed, my sex drive was through the roof. Before that, I didn’t really crave being intimate with my husband. I was on the fence over whether I should stick to NFP after the next repeat c-section, and you have definitely convinced me to do it….”

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