Lila Rose discusses Planned Parenthood defunding on Tucker Carlson

Lila Rose discusses future of Planned Parenthood funding on Tucker Carlson

On May 18, the Trump administration announced a move to remove Title X funding from facilities which commit or refer for abortions. This chiefly affects Planned Parenthood, and thus, serves to fulfill one of President Trump’s campaign promises. It also takes millions in taxpayer funding away from abortion businesses in a partial defund. The change is welcome to those who are disappointed the abortion giant has not already been completely defunded, despite the pro-life majorities elected to both houses of Congress in 2016. Tucker Carlson spoke with Live Action’s founder and president, Lila Rose, about the Title X change on his May 18 evening program of Tucker Carlson Tonight.

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When it comes to the new regulations that will remove a portion of funding from the abortion giant, Lila Rose emphasized the need for enforcement, so that Planned Parenthood isn’t “weaseling their way into getting more money.”

Planned Parenthood may be significantly impacted by the regulation — though the effect is entirely by the abortion business’ own choice. Planned Parenthood has the choice of ceasing to commit abortions, a choice they have been given in the past, which they flatly refused. It’s not hard to see why the refusal came, as Rose explained to Carlson that abortion is Planned Parenthood’s “cash cow” and “the way they stay alive,” given that abortion provides close to 50 percent of facility income for Planned Parenthood locations.

Lila Rose explained how Planned Parenthood receives federal money for birth control, cancer screenings, and STD tests at locations like this, but also commits abortions at the same place.

Lila Rose explained how Planned Parenthood receives federal money for birth control, cancer screenings, and STD tests at locations like this, but also commits abortions at the same place.

The regulations are already facing a lawsuit from pro-abortion activists and could be blocked by pro-abortion judges, as Tucker Carlson and Lila Rose acknowledged, but both still delved into the benefits of defunding Planned Parenthood. Instead of funding an abortion giant, whose cancer screening numbers and clients are both significantly down, Federally Qualified Health Care Centers (FQHCs), which outnumber Planned Parenthood locations, will be funded by the new Title X regulation. These facilities are not only better equipped to provide holistic healthcare, but they don’t commit abortions.

Simply put, Planned Parenthood is a scandal-ridden organization that kills over 320,000 preborn children every year through abortion.

Unfortunately, many politicians — particularly Democrats — do not have a problem taking Planned Parenthood’s lobbying money, and as Lila Rose explained, there is a “real pass through of money” with regards to the Democrats and Planned Parenthood funding each other come election season.

Lila Rose and Tucker Carlson concluded their conversation on a powerful note. Rose called the idea that women will be happier with abortions “outdated,” “outright false,” and “abusive.” “Shame on them,” Rose said about those who claim to stand for women in promoting abortions. This position, she said, “is the furthest thing from the truth.”

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