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Lawsuit over New Hampshire Board of Pharmacy allowing illegal distribution of abortion pill

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New Hampshire Right to Life and two state taxpayers, with the assistance of Alliance Defending Freedom, have filed a lawsuit last Friday against the New Hampshire Board of Pharmacy for unlawfully granting licenses to six Planned Parenthood clinics.

The lawsuit alleges that Planned Parenthood of Northern New England:

knowingly violates FDA safety protocols by administering and dispensing the abortion pill past 49 days pregnancy and having its non-physician staff dispense the pills for take home us.  The FDA has cataloged thousands of adverse events, including excessive bleeding and hemorrhaging, as well as several deaths from abortionists administering and dispensing the abortion pill contrary to FDA safety protocols.

The New Hampshire Board of Pharmacy is response for enforcing requirements relating to the licensing of pharmacists.  Some drugs require only a Limited Retail Drug Distributorship license in order for the drugs to be dispensed without a pharmacist if the entity has a contract with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.  Six Planned Parenthood clinics have obtained a Limited Retail Drug Distributorship license without a contract with the NH Department of Health and Human Services, in violation of the law.

The Limited Retail Drug Distributorship license can only be used for a certain list of drugs and under certain circumstance.  The abortion inducing Mifepristone can only be distributed if done so under the supervision of a physician, within the first 49 days of pregnancy, with the first and second pill being taken at the doctor’s office.  Planned Parenthood published on it’s website that it will give the abortion pill up to 63 days of pregnancy, and advertises that it can be taken at home.

Additionally, the Board has not reviewed the protocol of Planned Parenthood for compliance:

The [Board of Pharmacy] never reviewed any Planned Parenthood protocol (either now or from September 2012) to determine whether it complies with NH law regarding administering and distributing the abortion pill…. The [Board of Pharmacy] acted unlawfully in not verifying that the drugs on Planned Parenthood’s protocol were being lawfully administer or dispensed.

According to Catherine Glenn Foster, attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom:

Women facing the shock of an unplanned pregnancy deserve better than unscrupulous abortionists who fail to follow basic FDA safety protocols…. The board should not allow women’s lives to be put in danger by granting licenses to those, like Planned Parenthood, who refuse to follow these protocols.

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