WATCH: Late-term abortionist admits women with complications are told not to visit the emergency room

One of the abortionists being sued for the 2017 death of Keisha Atkins after a late-term abortion in New Mexico is featured in the latest video from the Facebook page Abortion On Trial. Carmen Landau, a late-term abortionist at Southwestern Women’s Options, was sued for wrongful death, along with notorious late-term abortionist Curtis Boyd and abortionist Shannon Carr. The clip from Landau’s deposition shows her admitting that patients are strictly told not to contact emergency personnel if something goes wrong.

The video begins with the interviewer bringing Landau’s attention to instructions given to patients of Southwestern Women’s Options. The excerpt reads:

We will see you here in our office if necessary — do not go to the emergency room; call our phone number below with any concerns and we will take care of you, no matter the time of day or night.

When asked to explain why patients are instructed not to visit the emergency room, Landau responded, “Because often times, when unexpected or concerning things are happening overnight, one might be — have — the first impulse would be to go to the emergency room. And the emergency room personnel are, in the vast majority of cases, not the best qualified to take care of a patient who’s undergoing an abortion procedure. We are.”

When pressed for further clarification as to why emergency room personnel would not be qualified to help an abortion patient, Landau replied, “Emergency room personnel are the best people to see when you’re having an emergency, not when you’re having an abortion.” After a long pause, she continued, “If you’re having an abortion, then your abortion doctor is the most qualified person to take care of you.”

The problem with Landau’s argument is that women do not visit emergency rooms to get abortion procedures but instead to seek emergency care when an abortion has gone wrong, and they are in pain, injured, or possibly dying. In that case, they do not need to see an abortionist, whose primary aim is to make sure the preborn baby does not survive, and who has a vested interest in making sure botched abortions never become public knowledge.

Despite claims to the contrary, babies have and do survive botched abortions. Live Action’s InHuman investigation showed footage of abortionists who stated their willingness to not only withhold care from abortion survivors, but to actively ensure their deaths. An emergency room physician is likely to work to save both mother and child, if possible. An abortion survivor is considered the most “dreaded complication” for an abortionist.

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When Landau was specifically asked if a patient experiencing an emergency should go straight to the emergency room, she said no, seemingly stalling. “What is your definition of an emergency?” she responded.

The interviewer then asked Landau if Southwestern Women’s Options abortion clients are given a list of possible emergencies that would necessitate going to the ER. And still, her answer was no. After another long pause, Landau finally answered, “I have — I believe that that list would be too long to give to a person, and so on the contrary, we tell them all of the reasons to call us.”

Informed consent is one of the hallmarks of legitimate medical care. If Landau’s abortion facility does not provide information on potential risks that might necessitate emergency care, this seems negligent, at best.

It is not known which abortionist at Southwestern Women’s Options is responsible for Atkins’ death, but her autopsy report paints a grim picture of a long and painful process leading to her death. Operation Rescue reported:

There is evidence that Atkins suffered from sepsis, a bacterial infection caused by the four-day abortion process, which brought about symptoms consistent with Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC). Atkins suffered hemorrhaging in her brain and left adrenal gland, a buildup of fluid around her lungs, and other symptoms of DIC that the autopsy ignored.

At least two abortionists at Southwestern Women’s Options were featured in Live Action’s InHuman investigation: Shelly Sella and Carmen Landau.


In Live Action’s investigation, Landau can be heard using scare tactics to subtly pressure the undercover pregnant investigator into an abortion. “It [the risk] doesn’t go away if you decide the keep the pregnancy,” she said. “It just gets more. Right? So the bigger the pregnancy, your risk of having severe bleeding, surgery, or death—it’s all higher than having this abortion.”

The undercover investigator was also advised that if she were to go into labor early (as late-term abortions involve the labor and delivery of a stillborn infant), she would need to unlock her hotel room door, call the abortion facility, and sit on the toilet to wait for them to arrive.

These videos and statements from Landau, as well as others in the abortion industry, are strikingly revealing. It is clear that the industry’s primary concern is not for the woman’s safety, but for the protection of the abortionist and the abortion industry above all else.

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