Late-term abortionist exposes the truth about why women get abortions

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Late-term abortionist Dr. Warren Hern (who is currently facing a lawsuit for botching an abortion, which took away a woman’s fertility) wrote a textbook on how to perform abortions called Abortion Practice. It was written to teach other doctors how to do abortions, including late-term abortions. In the book he writes

At times, medical considerations enter into the picture, but decisions are usually made on the basis of such factors as desire or lack of desire for parenthood, stability of relationships, educational status, emotional status, or economic status, among others.

Are “lack of desire for parenthood” and “emotional status” good enough reasons to kill a baby in the third trimester?

Hern is referring to abortions throughout pregnancy here.  He is a late-term abortionist, committing abortions all the way up until the day of birth, even advertising to do third trimester abortions right on his website. His clinic is in Boulder, Colorado.


Are these reasons good enough reasons to kill a baby at any time? See what an 8-week-old baby looks like after being ripped apart in an abortion, then ask yourself whether these are good reasons for abortion.

Hern claims on his website that third trimester abortions are done for “catastrophic fetal anomaly or genetic disorder that guarantees death, suffering, or serious disability.” Yet there is a discrepancy between what Hern says to the “public” on the internet and what he says in a book exclusively meant for abortionists and would-be abortionists.

Even when abortions are done for “catastrophic fetal anomaly,” they are often on babies with illnesses like Down syndrome — a common reason why abortions are done this late. In England, babies have been aborted up until birth for correctable minor defects like club feet or cleft palate, and there is no reason to assume these abortions don’t happen in the United States as well.

In a previous article, I gave evidence that Hern’s words in Abortion Practice are in fact more accurate than his statement that all late-term abortions are done for eugenic reasons. In the pro-abortion documentary After Tiller, which portrays late-term abortionists in a positive light, third trimester abortionist Dr. Susan Robinson of Albuquerque admits that not all women who come to her are carrying disabled or damaged babies. She says:

Women whose fetuses have terrible abnormalities … are a lot easier for people to understand. The husband and wife want to spare their baby whatever suffering that baby would have.

It is hard to imagine a baby suffering more than having her heart pierced with poison or being dismembered, two common late-term abortion procedures. Dr. Anthony Levatino explains these procedures in the two videos below:

Robinson goes on:

Then there’s the group of women who didn’t know they were pregnant,” Robinson continues. “They were told they were not pregnant for one reason or another and they are just as desperate. ‘I already have three children, my husband just lost his job and I can barely put food on the table. If I add a new baby to this family, we’ll all go under.’

Perhaps adoption would be a better alternative for a baby that is fully formed, feels pain, can recognize and distinguish between voices, reacts to light, and could survive outside her mother’s womb.  Only a month or two of pregnancy remains, and in most procedures this late, after the baby is poisoned, the woman must go through labor to expel him.  If the poison were not injected the baby could be induced alive.

This means that abortions in the third trimester, done after viability, are done not to escape pregnancy (for that could be done at any time) but to ensure a dead baby. This is one of the things, along with the advanced fetal development, that makes late term abortions so heinous.

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