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9 images that show the humanity of babies in the first trimester

January 22 marks 45 years since the Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion in America. Decades after the ruling, statistics show that millennials are the most pro-life generation yet, and most Americans today support some protections for the preborn — especially later in pregnancy.

However, nearly 1 million abortions are committed in the United States annually, most within the first 12 weeks. According to Guttmacher, two-thirds of abortions occur at eight weeks of pregnancy or earlier, and 89 percent of abortions in the U.S. are committed during the first 12 weeks.

The photos below, compiled by the Center for Bioethical Reform, reveal the brutality of abortions in the first trimester and the obvious humanity of children at that stage. They may be viewed at

Warning: Images below are graphic and may be disturbing to some. 

Preborn child at 8 weeks. Copyright:

10 weeks. Copyright:

8 weeks. Copyright:

10 to 14 weeks. Copyright:

The most prevalent procedure used from 5 to 13 weeks of pregnancy is a D&C abortion procedure, during which a suction machine 29 times the power of a household vacuum is used to remove the child. The preborn child, who is extremely fragile at this stage, is quickly torn apart by force. Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino describes the procedure below.

10 weeks. Copyright:

9 to 14 weeks. Copyright:

7 weeks. Copyright:

8 weeks. Copyright:

9 weeks. Copyright:

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