Jay Hobbs: If you’re looking for real choices, don’t look to abortion facilities


Far from putting abortionists at risk by locating near a clinic, pro-life pregnancy centers put themselves in harm’s way to give their clients a true choice. While women are indeed often persuaded to go into a pregnancy center rather than an abortion clinic, there’s no question that decision has everything to do with what’s inside each type of facility.

At a pregnancy help center like Center for Pregnancy Choices, a woman will find free pregnancy testing, a free ultrasound, and free options consulting that has zero profit motivation. Choices, in other words.

At an abortion clinic like Jackson Women’s Health Organization, however, what a woman will find is anything but choice. All she will find is an abortion, because that’s all the clinic offers. That’s what keeps the lights on and the money flowing in, after all.

~ Jay Hobbs, The Federalist, May 8, 2017

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