“I consent to let you use my dead baby in medical research”: Late-term abortion’s real informed consent

Remember abortionist Curtis Boyd, who admitted freely that his late-term abortions are killing people? Boyd is a former ordained Baptist minister, but now he does third-trimester abortions in Albuquerque. Albuquerque is at the center of the current abortion firestorm as it votes today on its proposed late-term abortion ban.

Documents from Boyd’s clinic reveal an informed consent form which reminds us that abortion is murder. Documents show what really happens after the procedure – that the dead baby goes not just to medical waste, but potentially to medical research.

The Susan B. Anthony List reports on the battle in Albuquerque that would immobilize Boyd from performing abortions past the age of 20 weeks. Planned Parenthood knows this all too well, as it has reportedly put $300,000 into the campaign in Albuquerque to keep late-term abortion alive and well. It is joined by the ACLU, who has given $200,000 – and by Boyd himself, who is reported to have donated $2,000 of his own money, Operation Rescue says. That’s no doubt a small price to pay for all those free medical experiments to continue.

The SBA List reports:

The ordinance would immediately stop abortionist Curtis Boyd and others from performing late abortions in Albuquerque. Legal documents obtained from Boyd’s office reveal the true risk to mothers and babies in a late abortion procedure. Before undergoing an abortion, women are required to sign informed consent forms acknowledging:

– ‘Pregnancy termination at 18 weeks and above involves a greater risk than carrying the pregnancy to term.’

– ‘…tissue and parts will be removed during the procedure…I consent to their examination and their use in medical research…’

Notice that buried in the consent to medical procedures is a consent to use the babies in medical research. This isn’t a simple medical procedure, as some would have people believe.

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In the media, and in the abortion industry’s spin on the gruesome act of death, words are watered down and bright pink is played up, almost desensitizing people to the reality of the choice they are making. However, a look at Boyd’s clinic information on third-trimester abortions is sobering:

“5 weeks LMP (5.80 BPD)-28 weeks LMP (up to 6.90 BPD)

“At 25 weeks to 28 weeks, the abortion process takes three to four days. On the first day, an ultrasound will be done to date the pregnancy and your medical history will be taken. This is followed by counseling and lab work. After meeting with the doctor and signing consents, the process is started by inserting laminaria to gently dilate the cervix. Laminaria is sterile, compressed seaweed that is inserted into the cervical canal. The laminaria rods expand by absorbing natural moisture in the cervix. A second, and possibly third, insertion of laminaria will be used to further dilate the cervix as needed. Once the cervix is ready, medications will be administered which will start labor and result in the delivery of a stillborn. On the first day, an injection of Digoxin will also be administered to stop the fetal heart beat.

“28 weeks LMP (6.99 BPD) and above

“For women over the 28th menstrual week, BPD 7.0 and greater, we provide services on a case-by-case basis. The process is the same as above. Because each case is unique, we ask that women with fetal or maternal indications call our office for a phone evaluation. We will help if we can.

‘Please contact the office for a fee quote. The National Abortion Federation (NAF) has access to funds for women in financial need. As a member of NAF, we are able to help you assess if you qualify for funding. We can also help you contact any other appropriate funding agencies.”

While Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and Boyd himself defend “reproductive rights” in Albuquerque, and while Boyd is performing abortions on unarguably viable babies, with his own forms showing that they will potentially become free lab experiments for researchers, one can only wonder: who is actually thinking about women here?

The abortion industry claims to care about caring for women. But all that money invested in fighting a law saving the lives of babies would be better spent in fighting for scared women who need financial and emotional support – not for a four-day abortion procedure, but to give a gift of adoption and life. That’s what people who care about women do; they don’t give those women forms to sign away their rights to send their babies to the lab. But the abortion industry does.

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