Humor blog jokes: “Siri now trying way too hard to help people get abortions”

We’ve been tracking the story about whether the Siri app is “pro-life” because before Apple updated their software it did a very poor job of directing people to abortion clinics when they asked it to (often directing them to pro-life pregnancy counseling centers instead).

Now one internet wag at the humor site Happy Place decided to create some photoshopped screenshots of Siri “trying way to hard to help people get abortions” even when they’re actually looking for something else:

Now, I don’t think joking about abortion is ever appropriate. Abortion is always a tragedy. But the image above and the other manipulated images are only “funny” because we know in our hearts that seeking an abortion isn’t just like running one more errand. Consider this fake Siri exchange:

The eerie thing about this exchange is that it sounds very similar to what we’ve seen Planned Parenthood tell young women facing a “problem” pregnancy. Planned Parenthood continually tells young women the lie that abortion is the easy, painless way out (“Poof.”) and seeks to isolate women from those who wish to help her make the heroic decision to choose life.

Sometimes, humor and satire highlight the truth more clearly than argument and debate.

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