Human traffickers prey on the vulnerable; Planned Parenthood helps them do it

Former left-wing talk radio star Jian Ghomeshi spent much of his airtime attacking sexism and violence against women. According to female subordinates, he spent much of his off-airtime attacking them with gropes, degrading comments and threats of violence.

Obviously, Mr. Ghomeshi wasn’t the first to accuse others of the very things he’s allegedly guilty of. That happens a lot in the abortion debate, too, which is why you tend to see stuff like this:

commentIt’s not surprising that abortion supporters would accuse pro-lifers of wanting to put women in cages. After all, the abortion industry has been helping human traffickers do that for years.

The A21 Campaign is a non-profit organization seeking to end modern-day slavery. The group’s website provides information about human trafficking, including first-hand accounts from victims. They explain how beatings, rapes, sleep deprivation, and hunger were used as tools to keep them enslaved. There’s another tool that traffickers find useful: abortion. Below, trafficking survivor, Nicole, describes being coerced into having two abortions.

Nicole’s experience wasn’t unusual. While appearing before Texas’ Joint Interim Committee to Study Human Trafficking, Captain Jeff Williams of the Dallas Department of Public Safety testified that pimps frequently use abortion to exploit their victims. Unfortunately, stopping exploitation isn’t something that America’s largest abortion provider has been too concerned about.

Convicted kidnapper Adam Gault brought the teen he impregnated to Planned Parenthood for an abortion. Timothy Smith and Gary Cross did the same with their stepchildren, just as John Blanks, Jr. did with his daughter. Denise Fairbanks alleged that she explicitly informed Planned Parenthood staff that her father was abusing her, not that it did her any good: as in the other cases, clinic staff performed the abortion and returned the victim to her abuser.

Evidence compiled by pro-life groups shows that there’s nothing unusual about these cases. Life Dynamics recorded calls to Planned Parenthood facilities from a investigator stating she was 14 years old and pregnant with the child of her adult boyfriend. In hundreds of instances, employees agreed to set up a secret abortion that would protect the man’s identify.

In 2011, Live Action dispatched investigators with hidden cameras to Planned Parenthood facilities along the East Coast. The investigators posed as pimps using underage prostitutes who “can’t speak English.”

They found Planned Parenthood staffers were all too willing to help them out, with New Jersey facility director Amy Woodruff explaining that, “If they’re 14 and under just send them right there if they need an abortion, OK?”

Planned Parenthood isn’t just harming vulnerable women and girls in their clinics; they’re doing it on Capitol Hill, too. Earlier this year, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) introduced the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act – legislation that imposes tougher penalties on traffickers while supporting their victims – or at least it would do that if it passed. Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood has helped to keep that from passing.

The bill would take money confiscated from traffickers and use it to aid victims. What has Planned Parenthood upset is a provision barring those funds from paying for abortions. In response, they’ve condemned the act and convinced much of the Senate’s Democratic caucus to sabotage it.

If you want to do something about that, then Live Action wants to help. You can sign its online petition asking Congress to hold Planned Parenthood to account and end the group’s annual half billion dollar subsidy.  You can also contact your state’s senators and tell them that the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act needs to pass. Finally, you can get behind legislation like The Coerced Abortion Prevention Bill being considered in Texas. It requires that abortion clinics offer women a private room from which they can contact law enforcement and support services.

For too long, Planned Parenthood has been making things easy for human traffickers. It’s time to stop making things easy for Planned Parenthood.

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