LISTEN: The Human Element: ‘Abortion as Genocide’

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It’s well understood among pro-lifers that in order to end abortion, we have to first change the culture. It’s not enough to simply make such killing illegal; we must make it unthinkable. Human Coalition is one pro-life organization looking to do that. Using internet search engine marketing, Human Coalition aims to reach abortion-minded women, connecting them with compassionate, holistic care. Human Coalition reaches out and offers resources and care, including pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, and a continuum of care program, which includes long-term support for the entire family through relationships with both internal and third-party care providers.

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Now, Human Coalition has launched a new podcast, the Human Element with Brian Fisher. Fisher is the co-founder of Human Coalition, and through the podcast, he hopes to educate pro-lifers so they will better be able to engage the culture on the subject of abortion. “Abortion is an injustice that must be ended in our lifetime, and pro-lifers need to be armed with accurate, thoughtful arguments when called upon to defend the preborn and articulate our pro-life worldview,” a press release announcing the podcast read. “In The Human Element, Human Coalition President and Co-Founder Brian Fisher considers abortion-related topics through the lenses of theology, philosophy, and science.”

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The first episode, “Abortion as Genocide,” discusses whether it is fair to argue whether or not abortion is truly genocide. Fisher runs down facts about abortion, pointing out that almost 3,000 preborn children are killed by this procedure every day. So on the surface, Fisher argues, it would be accurate to frame abortion as genocide, as it is the leading cause of death in the United States.

Fisher points out that there are common stages involved in genocide:

  1. Classification: This is the stage in which a group in power classifies the victim group differently from themselves. With preborn children, for example, the culture denies them of their humanity, with scientists calling them “fetus” or “embryo,” and with the abortion industry going even further, calling them “blobs of tissue” or “products of conception.”
  2. Organization: This is the stage in which the power group develops its own organization, which allows it to inflict harm on the victim group. Fisher points to Planned Parenthood as an example of this. Each year, Planned Parenthood kills over 300,000 preborn children and has over half a billion dollars in annual taxpayer funding.
  3. Denial/Cover-up: This final stage Fisher mentions is what the abortion industry does when it routinely covers up the reality of what it does. Undercover investigations from groups like Live Action and the Center for Medical Progress have revealed the truth about this gruesome “trade.” And while the American public was initially outraged by the videos, the abortion industry has since managed to quiet the anger and was able to cover up its crimes.

Other episodes of the Human Element discuss racism in abortion, another endemic issue within the industry, as can be seen in the Live Action investigative video below:

Through the episodes of his podcast, Fisher hopes to help educate and empower pro-lifers to better make a difference. “Ending abortion in our lifetime requires us to arm ourselves not just with information, but also with the discernment to know which information to share and in what manner in order to be as persuasive as possible,” he said. “We created The Human Element to help pro-lifers who are seeking to be informed about pro-life advances and empowered to share their worldview with others.”

Listen here.

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