How delusional can the life foes get?

Highlighted from the JillStanek blog:

RH Reality Check’s Robin Marty writes one of the most unintentionally hilarious sentences ever:

The effectiveness of embryonic stem cells over adult stem cells is a scientific fact that everyone except the most extreme of the anti-choice movement has recognized.

Yes, embryonic stem cells, which have yet to successfully treat a single human being of a single disease and have only been recently approved for two early stage clinical trials are more effective than adult stem cells, which have been successfully treating people with a myriad of diseases for years. That’s just delusional. Marty’s not claiming embryonic stem cells have “more promise” or “greater potential.” She thinks they’re more effective now.

Where does RH Reality Check find these people?

RH Reality Check is the leading pro-abortion blog. Leading in web traffic but not in factual accuracy.

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