House of Representatives passes bill to defund Planned Parenthood

U.S. House passes bill to defund Planned Parenthood

Today, the House of Representatives voted 241 to 187 in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood, as investigations continue into the abortion giant’s sale of baby body parts.

Rep. Diane Black, a nurse for over 40 years, sponsored the legislation. The bill would freeze Planned Parenthood funding for a year, during which time Congress would conduct a full investigation.

During the debate, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke in favor of defunding the ethically challenged abortion provider:

So if we know that this organization performs hundreds of thousands of abortions per year, and we know that women have access to other sources for care, the question is: should we force taxpayers to fund a business that spends its money aborting 327,653 children per year?  Should we force taxpayers to fund an organization whose barbaric practices, as vividly shown in those videos, disregard and devalue the sanctity of the most innocent human lives?

McCarthy added: “There is no reason—absolutely no reason—that we must choose between funding women’s health and compelling taxpayers to support abortion.”


As indicated by McCarthy’s statement, legislators, women, and voters are realizing that there are other options for women’s health care besides Planned Parenthood. There are over 13,500 comprehensive health care facilities across the nation – which could receive funding instead of Planned Parenthood (and would under this bill) – as opposed to 665 Planned Parenthood locations. Furthermore, many of these comprehensive health care facilities offer essential women’s services such as mammograms, while Planned Parenthood does not.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) highlighted this fact in his comments:

In the history of Planned Parenthood, they have never, ever, ever done one mammogram, because they are not certified to do mammograms…So, for those of us –like in my case, three daughters and a wife of 37 years – look, I want good women’s healthcare. So, let’s fund it. But, let’s give it directly to the facilities that will do the mammograms and not Planned Parenthood – for them to take their cut.

Meanwhile, GOP leadership in the Senate has laid out plans to vote on a continuing resolution, which would temporarily fund the government until a long-term deal is reached – a deal that cuts federal funding to Planned Parenthood.

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