House freshmen hold press conference calling for hearings on PP “abortion factory”

“The taking of innocent life is not health care,” Fleming said. “And yet we see a situation where Planned Parenthood seems to disguise its abortion factory as health care.” Referencing the number of abortions provided by Planned Parenthood in 2009 — 332,278 — Fleming said, “If that’s not a factory, I don’t know what is.”

Those are the words of Louisiana Rep. Dr. John Fleming at a press conference held today by pro-life House freshmen with Americans United for Life, calling for the congressional investigation that pro-life groups have long sought into Planned Parenthood. The press

conference comes just days after AUL released a blockbuster 37-page report enumerating nearly every major scandal at Planned Parenthood–including Live Action’s undercover documentation of sexual abuse coverup and aiding and abetting child sex trafficking–and laying the groundwork for a congressional investigation.

Let’s take Cecile Richards to the witness stand. (Or maybe Stuart Schear?) The Obama administration may have put the kibosh on federal defunding of Planned Parenthood for now, but in the meantime, congressional hearings can keep the negative pressure on Planned Parenthood & co. and support further state defundings. Moreover–with the special authority of Congress to subpoena witnesses and documents in an investigation of a federally-funded organization, who knows what further corruption and violations inside Planned Parenthood might come to light? After all, all it took was some kids walking in the front door to find this:

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