Hillary Clinton, Planned Parenthood have love-fest on Twitter

Hillary Clinton, Planned Parenthood have love-fest on Twitter

It isn’t much of a secret that Hillary Clinton, considered the Democratic front-runner, is a pro-abortion politician who is quite close with Planned Parenthood. While Clinton has a long history supporting abortion, this past week alone shows just how outrageous her thinking is, and how much she’ll defend Planned Parenthood at all costs.

As Live Action News recently reported, Clinton responded to the FOX Business News GOP debate held on November 10 with her definition of what’s pro-family:

One does not have to be either pro-abortion or pro-life to support the first three things Clinton mentioned. But the noteworthy inclusion is Planned Parenthood, which makes no sense. Planned Parenthood destroys families by killing innocent preborn babies. How, in any universe, is that pro-family?

The Clinton campaign linked Planned Parenthood to the GOP candidates in another way. Clinton thought it would be clever to (in a move that seemed right out of high school) come up with superlatives about the GOP candidates. Each one was sillier than the next, but eight Republicans (Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Jeb Bush) won the “award” for “Most Likely to Defund Planned Parenthood.” Also added was how “No matter which Republican wins, women lose!” This, despite the fact that the debate mostly dealt with business matters and did not mention Planned Parenthood at all.

Despite how many of the superlatives had nothing to do what was actually addressed during the debate, Clinton tweeted out the post, with the Planned Parenthood superlative as the main image.

The third example comes from Planned Parenthood themselves, the nations largest abortion provider, as a tweet that has many scratching their heads:

God given potential? Applying to every child? If one didn’t know better,  one would think that a pro-lifer had sent out the tweet. Hillary Clinton is tagged in the tweet for her comments about Black Lives Matter during Saturday night’s Democratic debate. She also expressed her support, and the support of Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, for funding Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton don’t merely share a support for abortion – they are willing to ignore what abortion actually does in order to claim that Planned Parenthood is “pro-family.” It’s so non-sensical, it’s dangerous.

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