There’s a good reason why the abortion industry uses euphemisms to describe abortion

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Abortionist Dana Kusnir, who commits abortions at Whole Woman’s Health abortion facility in Texas, once described her job on a television news program (quoted at LifeNews) as, “We basically use a series of dilator rods and then we use a suction to gently remove the contents of the uterus.”

But this “gentle” suction it not so gentle to the preborn baby. In fact, it tears him or her apart, leaving dismembered body parts for the abortionist and abortion worker to see. Identifying body parts helps them to make certain the abortion is complete.

Willie Parker, so-called “Christian” abortionist and accused sexual predator, describes a first-trimester aspiration abortion in more detail in his book:

[I] insert a straw, called a cannula… and attach that to a suction tube which leads to a canister by my feet. I flip a switch on the canister body, which turns on the vacuum, and, with a circular motion, I sweep the walls of the uterus with the tube. … the products of conception are sucked through the tube and into the canister….

I inspect what has just come out of the woman’s body: what I’m looking for is the fetal sac, which, at a later gestational age, becomes the placenta, and, after nine weeks, every one of the fetal parts – head, body, limbs – like a puzzle that has to be put back together

I make sure I find every part, and I place them together, re-creating the fetus in the pan.1

Unlike Kusnir, Parker does not sugarcoat what he does.

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Former abortion worker Jewels Green also describes the identifiable body parts of aborted children in an interview with ClinicQuotes:

Of course, teeny-tiny body parts were visible. Well over half of the time body parts were easily discernible. Maybe more like 75% of the time. That was the only way the doctor could ascertain that the abortion was complete–to count limbs, make sure the spine and skull were present. The “blob of cells” argument is only spouted by people who have never seen the aftermath of an abortion.

The facility where Green worked only did abortions in the first trimester. Even then, most of the abortions left behind tiny, identifiable body parts.

Kusnir’s euphemistic language hides a very disturbing reality. But it isn’t surprising that Kusnir doesn’t tell the whole truth about the abortion procedure. Pro-abortion activists try to hide the truth about abortion from the public, because when people learn the true facts about abortion and its brutality, many become pro-life.

In addition to these testimonies, you can watch former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino describe a first trimester aspiration suction D&C below:


  1. Willie Parker Life’s Work: from the Trenches, A Moral Argument for Choice(New York: 37INK, Atria, 2017) 95 – 96

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