Girl with Down Syndrome defies statistics

Though we’ve moved away from institutionalizing people who have Down Syndrome or other forms of so-called disabilities, we don’t all have the opportunity to know someone who is disabled. Perhaps this is because the vast majority of people diagnosed prenatally are aborted.

Now you have a chance. Allow me to introduce you to Madison.

Madison Tevlin is a twelve year old girl who loves to sing. And she happens to have Down Syndrome.

According to Down Syndrome Education, people with Down Syndrome can face unique challenges with speaking – which means singing can be much more difficult for people like Madison. This sweet girl wants to inspire people, though, and she’s been doing that ever since her cover of John Legend’s “All of Me” started making its waves across social media.


As the video tells us, Madison “chose this song to express her feelings toward unconditional love”. She memorized the 348 word-long lyrics, and continues to inspire people by showing them that statistics and disabilities don’t define who she is or what she is capable of doing.

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