Gates Foundation pours $120 million more into pushing abortifacients

Gates Foundation pours $120 million more into pushing abortifacients

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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged to spend another $120 million over the next three years to promote abortion-inducing drugs worldwide.

The Family Planning 2020 initiative, one of the priorities of the charitable foundation owned by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife, is meant to combat unwanted childbirth in poor nations by distributing contraceptives and other family planning services to 120 million women and girls by 2020, but a recent status report revealed their distribution of 25 million is too low to meet that goal.

“Since we made that promise, millions of unintended pregnancies have been avoided and thousands of lives saved,” Melinda Gates contends, promising that birth control will “empower” women and lead to greater “prosperity” for them.

However, despite a 2014 promise that the Foundation would not fund abortion, among the methods it distributes is the injectable Depo-Provera, which causes the deaths of already-conceived embryos by thinning uterine lining too much for them to implant. Reports have also linked Depo-Provera to increased dangers of HIV transmission.

This has led Population Research Institute president Steven Mosher to denounce the “cruel reality” of the Family Planning 2020 project, which he says “undermines primary health care, leads to human rights violations, and makes no demographic sense in a world of falling fertility.”

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