Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood in Washington state targets local pro-life Christians

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During a recent fundraiser organized by Spokane United Against Religious Extremism for the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, drag queens in Washington not only mocked the work of pro-life activists, but auctioned off cardboard cutouts of their faces to raise donations for the abortion corporation.

According to CBN, the cutouts represented the faces of six Christian activists and pastors local to Spokane, Washington. They were targeted because they pray outside the abortion corporation, some holding services for what is known as The Church at Planned Parenthood. The drag queens at the fundraiser auctioned off baskets with Planned Parenthood “swag” but the main attraction was the mocking of Christian pro-lifers.


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According to the Bohach, the event featured a “sexually explicit drag show featuring Tirrany Hex the drag queen who read to children at local Spokane libraries.” Three back up dancers joined Hex on stage wearing effigies of three well-known Christians in the area: Pastor Ken Peters, Paster Afshin Yaghtin, and Anna Bohach, founder of 500 Mom Strong.

“The Christian effigies were lined up on a high stage and displayed in a fashion akin to the slave market auctions of America’s darkest past,” wrote Bohach. “…These Christians are risking everything to protect children from abortion and vulnerable women from being exploited.”

Planned Parenthood employees were present at the event with a table full of information about their “services.” Since Planned Parenthood’s roots are in racism and eugenics, the event didn’t come as a shock to the Christians who were mocked. In fact, they are happy to be mocked for Christ.

“There’s no better feeling than being mocked for Christ,” said Bohach.

The event reportedly raised $1,865 for Planned Parenthood.

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