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Former Planned Parenthood manager speaks: ‘Some abortionists aren’t OB/GYNs’

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This is part two of a three-part series, taken from an exclusive Live Action News interview with a former Planned Parenthood manager. Read part one here.

Crystal Eldridge Planned Parenthood

Crystal Eldridge, former Planned Parenthood manager

Crystal Eldridge, who has a Bachelor’s degree in health and human services, managed the entire Winston-Salem Planned Parenthood location from March to September of 2017. (Part one of her story can be seen here.) Crystal was in charge of the staff, scheduling, and daily operations. But sometimes, she had to leave the front offices and lend a hand back in the area where abortions were done. She told Live Action News, “I had to cover when staff wasn’t there… so when a patient went in for an abortion, I would go in and hold her hand…. I didn’t agree with what they were doing but I didn’t want them to be terrified, either.”

Crystal says that often, after a procedure, she would “sanitize the floor, sanitize the table, take the bowl or jar… into the POC room for examination” and “take speculums, the needles, and all that out of the room.”

While a family nurse practitioner was at the Winston-Salem facility for family planning days to help clients with things like contraception and STD testing, abortionists were only there on abortion days, twice weekly. (Abby Johnson actually stated that this is how it is with Planned Parenthood in general; physicians only show up to commit abortions. She said, “In the eight years I worked at Planned Parenthood, our medical director never once graced us with his presence. Eight years with no direct medical supervision.”)

“The abortionists weren’t even trained in gynecology”

Crystal told Live Action News that “some of the abortionists, the doctors, are not OB/GYN doctors.” Two of the abortionists at Winston-Salem were certified OB/GYNs, along with the medical director, and one was not (this abortionist was a family practitioner). “There were about six different [abortionists] that we went through,” Crystal said.  “We’re talking about doctors who are not even trained in the areas of gynecology, and how they’re getting to learn how to do this is on-site, on location, while another doctor watches…. It’s disgusting. It’s wrong.”

There was “no other true medical staff,” Crystal says, but the other staff, who did not have medical degrees, were trained to do things like lab work. (So much for the abortion industry’s complaints and false claims about pregnancy center workers not being qualified for the work they do….)

To hear Crystal speak of the abortionists at her former facility, they were all warped in some way. “There was one [abortionist], a medical director. She would be in the POC room and literally we would dump [the baby’s remains] in a Pyrex baking dish, and sift through the pieces. And she would pick up the pieces, the little hands… and go, ‘Isn’t this fascinating?’ And I would just look at her and think, ‘Hell no, it’s not fascinating, it’s disgusting.”

Once, Crystal asked a different abortionist at her facility, “Does [committing abortions] ever bother you?” And the abortionist said, “No, not at all, it’s good money; why not?”

“It looked like a murder scene”

But despite the fact that the Planned Parenthood abortionists were medical doctors, Crystal saw some horrible things. “The worst,” she said, was on her second to last day. “… [I]n that location, Winston-Salem, you could only abort up to 13 weeks 6 days,” Crystal said. “If you go above that, you have to go to Chapel Hill because they go up to 19 weeks and 6 days. There was a woman that came in, and on her ultrasound they gauged her around 13 weeks 6 days, the cutoff,” Crystal said, but those ultrasounds are really “a guesstimate” and “a baby can be bigger or smaller.”

Crystal recalled to Live Action News, “I was up front and I heard screaming… I mean screaming down the hall… [T]hey shut the double doors so the folks in the front couldn’t hear all the screaming. I went back there, and they finished the procedure, but there was so much blood, it looked like a murder scene… well, that’s what it was, but it was insane.”

Crystal said she asked the doctor what happened, and the doctor said, “I think she was a little further along, I think she was around 14 1/2 to 15 weeks.” Crystal stated that apparently the problem was that “the baby wouldn’t fit through the tube, so there was a lot of pulling apart with forceps. We had a lot of towels and we were having to literally put them on the floor and sop up all the blood and put them in a bucket to get it [the blood] out of there.”

This happened at a facility that was regularly inspected, Crystal told Live Action News, and did things “by the book,” as far as she could tell. And yet, there is no way to sanitize what happens at an abortion facility, and no way to make abortion safe.

“You can’t really clean up what abortion does to people,” said Crystal. “You can’t clean up their lives. It tears them up. You can’t really clean it up.”

This was the gruesomeness of the first trimester abortions (which are explained in the video below by former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino):

“She always botched them”

But women receiving medication abortions (the abortion pill) didn’t fare much better, according to Crystal. She told Live Action News that those women “came back to get aspirated because a lot of times it just didn’t work, and they would bleed out some clumps and have a lot of leftover POC in their uterus and have to have it sucked out because they were going septic or needed an emergency D&C at the hospital across the street.”

“Out of every ten medication abortions,” Crystal said, “probably six” had to come back for a surgical abortion “because the one family doctor [who was not an actual OB/GYN] always botched them. Always. Almost all of hers always came back, because she didn’t know what she was doing and her surgical abortions a lot of times had to be re-aspirated….” Dr. Levatino explains the abortion pill procedure below:

Crystal noted that around “97, 98 percent would have to come back… to the point we hated working with [that abortionist] because it would take her 45-50 minutes to do an abortion, and it should take only 15 at the most. She couldn’t see what she was doing… and she would have to get the ultrasound machine to come back and make sure she got all the parts out and she never did.”

This particular abortionist was a new mother herself, which Crystal found particularly awful in light of her profession. “With her what was so sad is that she had just had a baby and in between abortions she would go in her office and pump breast milk and then go and kill another baby. It was the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Read Part One of this interview series here.

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