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Meet Douglas Karpen, the “Texas Gosnell”

Except this abortionist is possibly even worse.

The recent Gosnell trial – which shocked the nation with its stories of the callous disregard for human life and the brutality that late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell committed in his Philadelphia neighborhood for years – has awakened America to the reality of the late-term abortion industry.

Pro-life organizations are shining the spotlight on late-term abortion in this country, and Live Action’s Inhuman investigation is one of the most comprehensive undercover investigation of multiple late-term abortionists thus far.Douglas Karpen

But just when we thought we had heard it all, news broke in Houston, Texas that Douglas Karpen, the “Texas Gosnell,” is busy at work running a late-term abortion business so shocking that it proves once and for all that Gosnell was not an anomaly. In fact, Karpen’s own former clinic workers describe practices so cruel and inhuman that they may indicate that Karpen is even worse.

Recently the pro-life organizations Priests for Life, Operation Rescue, Life Dynamics, and Stand True banded together to jointly produce a website, TexasGosnell, dedicated to exposing the horrors of Douglas Karpen’s current abortion business. On the website, three of Karpen’s former clinic workers came forward in a tell-all interview with Life Dynamics.

Deborah Edge, who worked for Douglas Karpen for about fifteen years, told Life Dynamics:

When he did an abortion, especially an over 20 week abortion, most of the time the fetus would come completely out before he cut the spinal cord or he introduced one of the instruments into the soft spot of the fetus, in order to kill the fetus.

Deborah left Karpen’s practice in 2011, and her video testimony (above) about her time with him is chilling.

Operation Rescue has published heart-wrenching photos on the website of children’s remains found in Karpen’s waste containers. Photos of the remains indicate that Karpen regularly commits infanticide, as attested to by his former clinic workers in the video above.

According to Operation Rescue:

In both cases, the babies’ skin is pink, noting a lack of masceration, an early form of decomposition that happens in babies that die in the womb. Massive bruising on the extremities of one of the babies indicates the baby’s heart was pulsing with life when the trauma was inflicted likely when grasping instruments latched on to bring the baby down into the birth canal. The eyes of the other child are open in a nightmarish expression of pain, revealing development greater than 26-28 weeks.

Priests for Life encourages concerned citizens to contact their elected officials to speak up about the law-breaking practices of Karpen’s business. Father Frank Pavone, national director of the organization, made the following statement:

This problem has already been brought to the state’s attention, and preliminary investigations have begun.

But the State of Texas needs to hear from you, because we want a full scale investigation that will not be slowed down or interrupted by the efforts of pro-aborts to protect the image of their child-killing industry.

The horror stories that the eyewitnesses bring forward are eerily similar to the Gosnell case.

They speak of abortions taking place beyond the 24-week limit imposed by Texas law; they speak of untrained staff, lack of sterilizing of the equipment, re-using disposable equipment, concealing logs from inspectors, mistreating women…and, of course, killing babies after they were born.

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