Do abortion supporters really understand choice?

Like it or not, pro-lifers are often called anti-choice by opponents. Those of us who are against abortion are against it because murder is wrong, especially when it is committed against the most vulnerable, innocent, and defenseless among us. Being against one choice apparently earns us such a title.

But at least those of us who are against abortion portray an honest viewpoint of what we’re against. It is also worth noting that pro-lifers at least take into account that there is another person involved in an abortion besides the woman. Sadly this party – the unborn child – has no choice whatsoever.

Planned Parenthood has been talking about dropping labels, and did drop the term pro-choice. However, that the organization promotes and performs abortions and still claims to be for women’s health has not changed.

If such groups that claim to stand for women and women’s health really cared about the safety and well-being of women, wouldn’t they be more alarmed about the issue of coerced abortion? You would think that pro-lifers and these so-called women’s health experts could unite on such an issue. For an abortion that happens because someone else demands it does not really fit the “pro-woman” label.

Abortion advocates have shown themselves to be against even the most commonsense legislation regulating abortion. With regards to Senate bills 1156 and 1157, which have just passed the Michigan Senate and criminalize coerced abortions, American Civil Liberties of Michigan and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan issued a joint statement in opposition.

The letter to the Michigan Senate starts off claiming that “no woman should be coerced into any decision concerning her pregnancy. Every woman’s reproductive health choices should be freely made.” Unfortunately, it’s tough to buy such sincerity from the two groups  when the whole rest of their letter comes out against the bills.

The issue is with pro-choice politicians as well. It’s worth wondering where the pro-choice movement was when Remee Lee was deceived by her boyfriend into undergoing a chemical abortion.

As it turned out, the Democratic Party Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Florida Rep. Lori Berman took issue with legislation to prevent ordeals like Lee’s.

And, suggesting that abortion advocates like to stick to a script when it comes to abortion, regardless of whether the woman really wants the abortion, the chairwoman claimed:

Instead, Florida Republican lawmakers have wasted taxpayers time and money by passing these extreme bills that further limit women’s reproductive rights. It is senseless and it’s wrong.

Certainly it “further limit[s]  women’s reproductive rights” when someone else forces them into an abortion, or deceives them with drugs that, unbeknownst to them, will induce an unwanted abortion. But abortion advocates like to stand up for abortion first and foremost.

And let’s look to pro-choice individuals for a moment. Pregnant women may be vulnerable, especially young women. A pro-“choice” boyfriend (and/or his family), friend, or family member may encourage an abortion. While such interactions may not involve physical force or violence, it’s worth considering whose choice it really is.

I had a discussion with a friend over how if he ever got his girlfriend pregnant, his parents would probably want her to have an abortion, since they were pro-choice and all… Sure, that’s pro-choice. That’s pro-their choice, though, based on, at least in part, what’s convenient and desirable for them.

Don’t just take my word for it. In February 2013, a Texas teen had to sue her parents to keep them from forcing her to have an abortion.

Those in the pro-life movement have been called anti-choice by our opponents. And sure, we’re against abortion, but we’re at least honest about it. And to be against abortion is also to be for the choice of the unborn child. Unfortunately, with such  inconsistencies and questionable motives, the same cannot be said for the pro-choice movement.

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