Richard Dawkins Foundation says 'every abortion' is part of God's plan

Richard Dawkins Foundation says ‘every abortion’ is part of God’s plan


The Richard Dawkins Foundation not only supports abortion, but indicates that if there is a “god,” then abortion is part of his plan. In recent weeks, the pro-abortion foundation has engaged itself in a Twitter war of words with Live Action President Lila Rose. The tit-for-tat responses of the group may sound good to some of its own abortion-minded followers, but what actually results from the Dawkins Foundation’s comments is echoes of William Shakespeare writing in Hamlet, “the lady [Dawkins Foundation] doth protest too much, methinks.” In common speech, the constant defensive the group takes against statements of scientific fact indicates that while it knows the facts it doesn’t like them, so it resorts to insults as it promotes killing preborn babies.

Rose engaged Richard Dawkins on Twitter on September 5, offering to debate the lie perpetrated by his foundation:

The foundation Twitter account fired back:

That thread resulted in multiple comments, on both sides of the argument.

But Rose was serious and indicated that she wanted a real debate, in person, not a Twitter war:

While Dawkins himself did not reply to the challenge, his foundation decided to jump on the attack train in response to various things Rose said throughout the month.

When Rose tweeted the fact that abortion is never medically necessary to save a baby’s life, this was the Dawkins Foundation response:

Rose clarified further:

The Dawkins Foundation seemed focused on protesting anything and everything it didn’t like about proving the preborn baby in the womb is real. When Rose posted the story of women in Chilé broadcasting their babies’ heartbeats in the womb — something reported by other media as well — Dawkins’ group would have none of it:

When Rose posted how a Live Action “Abortion Procedures” video had saved 13 babies’ lives when the mothers changed their minds after seeing the truth, the foundation shamed her:

And when Rose cited basic embryonic science about human life, the foundation responded:

Other users jumped in, such as this one:

But invoking God in the mix brought out the worst in the Dawkins Foundation, which replied:

The Lila Rose/Richard Dawkins Foundation Twitter war continues, but the foundation won’t come out from behind the screen where it hurls insults long enough to have a real debate. Instead, it accuses Rose of being a liar, and claims any sort of god must have planned abortion.

Both accusations prove that despite claiming to be an organization based on biological science, it might be best for Dawkins, et. al to return to biology 101.

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