David Hasselhoff makes young man’s dream come true with joyride

A Dutch super-fan of David Hasselhoff’s old TV show Knight Rider got the thrill of a lifetime when the star himself took him out for a joyride in LA.

The following segment is from a Dutch TV program called Syndroom, which helps people with special needs to fulfill their dreams and fantasies. Seeing Twan’s joy may bring a tear to your eye – it did for Hasselhoff:

As an aside, you’ll notice that Twan is bilingual. People with Down syndrome are often ridiculed for their intellectual differences and called “retarded.” This label insinuates that individuals with Down syndrome are much less capable of learning than “average” people. However, how many “average” people do you know with lingual proficiency in both Dutch and English?

The amount of planning that went into this dream-come-true for Twan is impressive. No detail was overlooked. As Upworthy notes, even KITT’s original voice is used to record a personalized message for Twan when he enters the car:

They even have it set up so KITT gives Twan a personalized message before they all pull away, which apparently means they got 87-year-old William Daniels — Mr. Feeny himself — to reprise his role as the voice of the car.

The full Syndroom episode can be viewed here.

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