Colorado's NARAL group splits from national organization to focus solely on abortion

Colorado’s NARAL group splits from national organization to focus solely on abortion

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While abortion is the primary focus for both NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood Federation of America, these national groups have given birth, so to speak, to even more extreme subgroups: NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado and Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood. Both adamantly advocate for abortion on demand, at all times in pregnancy, for any reason whatsoever. They both also fight to change Colorado’s ban on taxpayer funding of abortion (the only real restriction the state has). In reality, this is the exact same position the national groups take, but the Colorado organizations use a harsher tone and are unabashed in their abortion extremism.

Now, NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado is making it abundantly clear that abortion is their number one and only focus. The Colorado Sun reports that the group has split from the nationally formed NARAL and will now be going by the name “Cobalt.” Why the split? Karen Middleton, NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado’s President, says it’s simple: The new group has different priorities. Instead of also attempting to tackle “ending pregnancy discrimination” and “supporting paid family leave,” Cobalt wants to have a sole mission: making sure Colorado remains a haven for unrestricted abortion on demand.

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Warren Hern, Colorado’s notorious late-term abortionist, has admitted that at least one out of every four babies he aborts after viability is aborted because he or she was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Hern has also called human beings “a planetary cancer.”

Colorado is both a haven for abortion until birth and for targeting people with disabilities. Cobalt — formerly known as NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado — has no bones about admitting their full throttle support for what Hern does. In fact, the group runs a fund that pays for out-of-state women’s abortions in Colorado. Cobalt will continue this fund and attempt to expand abortion tourism in Colorado.

One of Cobalt’s main missions this year will be to defeat a ballot initiative that’s sprung up in the state over the last few months. The Due Date Too Late campaign is collecting signatures to place a late-term abortion ban on the ballot in November 2020. If successful, voters will be given the chance to end abortion in the state at 22 weeks — when a baby has met the modern standard of viability, and when the baby has already developed the ability to feel intense, excruciating pain (something that actually happens far earlier in a preborn child’s development).


The Due Date Too Late campaign is currently running a fundraiser, as they are in their final weeks of signature collection. Anyone in the United States can donate here.

Cobalt explains why they chose to re-name themselves after the mineral: “It’s fundamental. It’s powerful. It says we are here and we are not going anywhere.” Perhaps they forgot the other properties that cobalt possesses. In high doses, it is toxic and lethal to human beings. Sounds just like the abortion industry.

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