California Planned Parenthood calls 911 on three occasions for injuries but won’t give information

A Planned Parenthood facility in Orange, California, was caught refusing to give information to 911 dispatchers on three separate 911 phone calls — and in some instances, even became combative.

Operation Rescue obtained the 911 calls, which pertained to two emergencies, taking place in April and May. In the first call, little to no information was given to the dispatcher, and she had to press the Planned Parenthood staffer for any information to give the paramedics. At one point, the dispatcher became noticeably frustrated over the staffer’s inability to provide necessary information.

“We’re calling because we need to transfer a patient emergently to the hospital for a complication,” the Planned Parenthood staffer said. “She is stable, and then, um, we will brief the paramedics once they arrive.”

Despite this attempt to remain vague, the dispatcher insisted they follow protocol. “Uh, no, you actually need to tell me, uh, so that I can know what type of equipment to send,” she said firmly. “What’s the issue with the patient?”

The Planned Parenthood staffer continued to be elusive, however, responding, “Uh, it’s a… pregnancy-related complication.” The dispatcher then asked if the patient was conscious, and the staffer again did not answer; instead, she replied that the patient is stable, to which the dispatcher again reiterated that she needed to know if the patient was conscious or not. The staffer, incredibly, had to step away and go check. The dispatcher then asked if she knew the patient’s age. “I don’t have that information right now,” the staffer said.

“Is she 10? Is she 20, 30 – approximate age?” the dispatcher asked,. Again, the staffer had to go check, and said that the patient was in her 20s.


In the second emergency, a chipper-sounding Planned Parenthood staffer announced another injured patient. “Hello, my name is [redacted]. I’m calling from Planned Parenthood at 700 South Tustin,” she said. “We need to transfer a patient emergently to the hospital for a complication. Right now, she’s stable.”

Again, the dispatcher asked for information, and was rebuffed. “Um, I don’t have the details, the provider is with her, and the doctor will give a report when you guys get here,” the staffer said.

“Okay, we need some more information, so we know the response to send on our end,” the dispatcher replied. “Could you check with the doctor and find out the chief complaint, you know, the symptoms that she’s having that she needs to be transported?”

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The staffer refused to answer, saying, “It’s a pregnancy-related procedure. That’s all the information I have for you.” The dispatcher again reiterated that she needed to know what was happening, and asked to speak to the doctor, at which point the staffer stepped away to discuss the issue with the manager. In the background, the manager can be heard saying, “Tell her she had a surgical abortion, and she needs to be transferred to the hospital now.”

To this, the dispatcher asked if the woman was experiencing any bleeding, and noted that the paramedics were already en route, but the staffer continue to stonewall.

“Yeah, we just need the paramedics to come now, and the doctor will update them.”

When the dispatcher realized she wasn’t going to get information from this staffer, she suggested putting someone else on the phone; the staffer conferred with someone in the background, and came back on the phone to say the patient had lost over a liter of blood so far. The dispatcher then asked how far along the patient was, and the staffer again stated that the doctor would update paramedics when they arrive.

The dispatcher pressed for more information, and again suggested having someone else speak to her. “Just let them know that it helps on our side with the appropriate response,” she said. “Because it’s very vague information we’re receiving. So.” At this point, the manager got on the phone, and the dispatcher again asked for more information… seemingly infuriating the manager.

“You just need to send the paramedics!” she snapped. “They’ve come here many times before. I just need the paramedics.” The manager eventually admitted it was a first trimester abortion. “This is not typical for you guys to ask so many questions. That’s why we’re kind of concerned,” the manager added.

But the dispatcher refused to be dissuaded. “It is, it’s absolutely typical,” she said. The manager continued to argue, saying, “No it’s not, I’ve had – I’ve done this before.”

“Allow me to do my job, ok?” responded the dispatcher, again repeating that the paramedics were already on their way.

They then ended the call, but staff at the Planned Parenthood facility evidently called 911 again on accident, where they bashed the dispatcher in the background. “All you have to say is, ‘I need an ambulance!'” the manager can be heard saying, while the dispatcher repeatedly asked if they could hear her. “If we call and then hang up — ” someone can be heard replying, but from there, the call ends.

This facility, as the manager pointed out, is no stranger to emergencies. The facility has had more than 10 known botched abortions reported by Operation Rescue, and this facility was also under investigation by the Department of Justice in 2017 for participating in the illegal sales of body parts from aborted babies. They supplied body parts to DaVinci Biologics, which then sold them to researchers. The DaVinci companies admitted to illegally profiting from these sales and paid $7.8 million in a settlement.

“Unfortunately, the staff at these facilities withhold information and obscure details during 911 calls concerning the condition of the women they injure, putting the women in even more danger,” Operation Rescue president Troy Newman said.

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