Ca. criminalizes undercover journalism of Planned Parenthood; other states to follow

Gov. Brown signs bill after Planned Parenthood spent over $150,000 to get him elected

ARLINGTON, VA (Oct. 3, 2016) — Statement from Lila Rose, president and founder of pro-life organization Live Action, on Ca. Governor Jerry Brown signing a bill to criminalize undercover journalism of Planned Parenthood:

“We found out last week that instead of investigating Planned Parenthood for trafficking in baby body parts, California’s attorney general reportedly worked with Planned Parenthood to write a bill to suppress evidence of future abuses.  Now, Gov. Brown, whom Planned Parenthood spent over $150,000 to get elected, has signed the bill, which jails journalists and whistleblowers who expose such horrific acts.

“It’s precisely because of such investigative reporting that Planned Parenthood’s CEO was forced to admit to Congress last year that the abortion giant had accepted $60 for each child’s organ it had harvested through abortions.

“With the help of the California legislature, the attorney general, and the governor, the nation’s largest abortion chain will be able to continue to hide human rights abuses and potentially illegal activity from the very public that funds it.

“Now that Planned Parenthood was successful in getting this anti-free speech law passed in California, it will only be emboldened to attempt to pass similar bans on press freedom all over the country.”

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