Botched abortion shows dangers of a troubled abortion industry

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When Jennifer and Jason DeBuhr were told their preborn son would be born with difficulties that would affect his brain and shorten his life, they chose to schedule an abortion with Warren Hern, the notorious late-term abortionist in Boulder, Colorado.

Hern often injects poison into the hearts of late-term babies, and then proceeds to carry out a “D&E” abortion. This procedure is explained by former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino, in the video below:

Jennifer’s abortion was wrought with problems, according to a complaint she and Jason have filed against Hern in a U.S. District court. Even though she failed to dilate sufficiently, and even though she was experiencing excruciating pain all the way up to her chest, Hern continued to pull out the pieces of her son. Incidentally, one of the tools most commonly used to pull out limbs, organs, and bones of babies in D&E abortions is named after Warren Hern: the Hern Ovum Forceps.

But Hern missed a 4-centimeter piece of bone. This curved portion of the baby’s skull implanted itself into Jennifer’s uterus. Months after the abortion, Jennifer experienced excess bleeding that would not stop. Her doctor was unable to remove the bone that Hern had left inside her, and Jennifer was forced to undergo a hysterectomy, leaving her completely unable to have a child in the future.

The DeBuhrs’ complaint indicates that Hern failed to perform an ultrasound after finishing the abortion of Jennifer’s son. Instead, “her vital signs were checked, and Dr. Hern performed a visual external examination of her body and indicated that the operation was successful. She was monitored for a couple hours.” Of course, a botched abortion that leaves a portion of the baby inside the mother would not be noticed by merely conducting a “visual external examination.” And yet, the complaint states that is all Hern did.

In fact, months after Jennifer’s abortion, it was indeed an ultrasound that found a part of her son’s skull still remained inside her:

When the bleeding continued, Jennifer was referred to Dr. Mark Carlson, a gynecologist who ordered an ultrasound. 28. The ultrasound revealed that an object of about four centimeters in length was cutting into Jennifer’s uterine wall, causing her to bleed. … The object was tested and it was determined to be a fragment of bone, the shape of which was consistent with the curved portion of a fetus skull.

The DeBuhrs claim that they were never fully informed of the risks of the abortion, or that a portion of their baby’s body might be left inside Jennifer. They are suing Hern for medical malpractice, failure to warn, negligent misrepresentation, and loss of consortium. If the DeBuhrs win their suit, Hern may also face the potential loss or suspension of his medical license in Colorado, as Operation Rescue reports “it could serve as the basis for disciplinary action against his medical license.”


Hern is a disturbing and dangerous figure in the abortion industry, but he is not alone. In his late 70s, Hern refuses to retire, despite indications that his work is endangering women. LeRoy Carhart, another late-term abortionist, also continues to perform abortions although women who go to his clinics are now being sent to the hospital at an alarming rate. Carhart has a “long history of gross negligence endangering his patients,” that includes the 2013 death of Jennifer Morbelli, caused by Carhart’s botched abortion.

Hern and Carhart were both featured as ‘heroes’ in the 2014 documentary, After Tiller. Yet it’s clearly not heroism that leads either man to continue to run their troubled abortion centers. The money involved is significant. A spreadsheet that can be seen on camera in After Tiller shows that Hern charges $30,000 for a single late-term abortion. In the Debuhrs’ complaint, they explain they were “required to wire $7,500 to the Boulder Abortion Clinic before the multi-step procedure could begin.”

Thanks to the great amount of money involved, Hern, Carhart, and other abortionists are willing to continue to commit blatantly destructive acts of violence against human beings. In a paper Hern wrote for the Association of Planned Parenthood Physicians, he explained what he thinks of tearing babies apart, limb by limb and piece by piece:

We reach a point…where there is no possibility of denial of an act of destruction by the operator. It is before one’s eyes. The sensations of dismemberment flow through the forceps like an electric current…

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